caique being sedated at 10 weeks

by Jennifer Robullard
(Baton rouge, LA)

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3 weeks here

Do vets normally put a 10 week old caique under sedation when being x ray? I brung my caique to his a new vet because he was really weak. They said they was going to do a x ray on him, but when they tried he wasnt cooperating and they said they sedated him to make him sit still. 10 min later he died. They did not call me for my permission. My breeder said birds normally dont survive after being sedated. Is that true? And would a the vet know that?

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Jun 08, 2009
Caique died after sedation
by: The Vet

Birds are normally sedated when x-rayed, but they normally do not die because of it. There obviously was a health concern with your bird and if he was weak as you describe, it was not a good time to put him under anesthesia. I cannot say for sure since I was not there, however. But, given the outcome, it seems obvious now that it was a bad idea to sedate a sick bird.

Sedation is common in birds, especially when taking x-rays, and it is very safe, so, your breeder is incorrect. There was some underlying problem with your bird that made the sedation more risky.

Dr B

Jun 07, 2009
by: Linda

Yes, birds can survive sedation. It is the only way to perform surgeries and sometimes to take blood enough for a number of tests.

Your bird seemed quite young for it though. What was wrong with your bird before as you said he was very weak? If he was so weak, why did they need to sedate him? They should not have done any sedation without your signed or oral permission, and since I don't know any of the circumstances that brought you to the vet in the first place, I cannot comment on whether the sedation was the main factor in his death or just one of many that come from waiting too long to take a sick bird to the vet or any number of other causes. A bird in any kind of pain is apt to die without notice because of the stress it puts on their hearts.If he was sick, the sedation was the wrong thing to do in any event. They usually are wise about these kinds of things.

I suggest you talk this through with your vet. Ask why they did not call you. Also ask why they would have sedated what sounds like an already sick bird. There are a lot of gaps in information here, so just can't tell you anything concrete.

I and all of us out here are very, very sorry for your loss, and your heart must be breaking over this. Try and talk to vet and make some sense of this so you will have some closure. Again, our hearts go out to you as we all have felt your pain, and most of us will again.


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