Caique is acting very odd lately, should I be worried?

by Allison

My caique, Riley, just had his beak trimmed. My father trimmed it himself using the same tool you use for chickens. There was some blood however it stopped very quickly. This was yesterday. The whole day Riley acted sleepy and cuddly, but he would not make a peep. We figured it was because of what he had went through previously. Now today, he hasn't made a perp. It's very odd because he is always so loud and playful!!

He stays in one area of his cage with his feathers puffed sleeping. It's been like this all day! And when we take him out, he just cuddles into us and sleeps. Not a peep, no whistling or squawking. He has been making small chirping noises every so often. We called the parrot store in our town and they said he will be fine in a few days, he is just shaken from the beak trimming. But it is so painful to see him this way!! Should I be worried?

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Dec 22, 2011
Caique quiet
by: Anonymous

It is abnormal for a parrot (especially a caique! I own one too!) to be quiet and inactive. A parrots beak is different than a chickens... Only an experienced avian vet should be trimming a parrot's beak. Beaks are filled with capillary veins and sensitive nerves, it is possible one has been damaged, and now your bird is in terrible pain, or can have an infection from where he was cut too short. I would absolutely save yourself the wait on him to "get over it" and take him to an avian vet. Never take chances on our feathered friends. There are some great vets in CT as I live here too! Take a look at the link on Find An Avian Vet on this site.

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