Caique or Quaker

by Judy J
(Kenosha, Wi)

We recently lost our beloved Senegal parrot. My dtr and her had a special bond but she was a little nippy towards anyone else who wanted to hanldle her. I have been researching blacked headed Caiques and Blue Quakers and cannot decide on which bird would make the best family pet. I want bird that is affectionate, likes to be handled (by more than one person) not too noisy, maybe has a nice "chatter". I work 3 days a week but have a 14 yr old dtr who just loves birds. Which of the two would make the best companion?? I would like to make an informed decision because of the committment involved in getting a parrot. Thank you, Judy

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Jul 21, 2008
Caique or Quaker for a pet
by: Tracie

It really depends on your family and what they prefer. Both are great birds, but different personalities.

Caiques are like two year olds with A.D.D. that have gotten into the cookie jar and had a cup of espresso. They are very active, and very funny clowns.

Quakers are often cuddly and may learn to repeat many words and phrases. They have a fine baby powder dander, that makes them soft to pet but also makes some people allergic to them. They can also be very loud for a very long time.

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