Caique with swollen crop after laying many eggs

by Edward
(Knoxville Tn)

Hello, My 9 year old wb caique has laid 8 eights in the pass 2 months and now here chest or crop area is very very full and will not go down and she is pooing alot then she eats her poo when is not normal for her.

Thanks You

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Jun 03, 2009
Caique needs to see a vet
by: The Vet

Your bird needs to be seen by an avian veterinarian for x-rays and work up. If you are feeding an 80% pellet diet, then she will not become egg bound, but it sounds like she has some other problems that need to be addressed. Do not wait. Go see a vet now.

Dr B

May 31, 2009
Sick Bird
by: Linda

Your bird is VERY SICK and needs to see an Avian Vet as quickly as is possible. This is an emergency situation, and bird's lungs may be filling with fluid. If you have noticed any of the eggs with cracks in them, she may have eaten some of the fluid which will kill her. It is called albumen poisoning, and is a very painful death. Call a qualified Avian vet as soon as you can, tell them this is an emergency, and that you need to bring her in immediately--NO WAITING.

Let us know how everything goes, and we are very sorry your little bird is suffering so. Hopefully, she has an infection that can be taken care of with medicine vet will give you. If she survives, take any nesting material out of cage and keep it out. Vet may be able to give her something to stop egg production if she keeps laying eggs.

Many blessings to you.

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