calcium problem

by Mina

hi my cockatiel has been laying eggs for awhile now and no matter what we do she keeps laying them. she has been sitting on 2 eggs for awhile now and this morning shes had a third. shes had a total of 5-6 eggs now. 'she' used to be a 'he' until some months ago but she is atleast 7 years old.

now she is having trouble using her legs and though she can fly she cant keep her balance, and i can tell she needs calcium. im trying to feed her calcium rich things but she seems to prefer chewing cardbourd instead.

ive even crushed some calcium blocks and slipped them in to some food and water, is that alright? what can i do for her? she looks healthy cuddled up but then she tries to get up and falls flat on her face. please help, shes ive had her for more than 7 years.

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Dec 31, 2011
Bird with calcium problem
by: Tracie

First, please Find an Avian Vet right away to examine and treat your bird. The vet can give your bird an injection to help it.

Then start feeding your bird Harrison's pellets for 80% of it's diet. Your bird will never have a nutritional problem if you are feeding it a healthy pellet diet.

You will need to convert your bird to pellets slowly, and it may take a year to get your bird to eat pellets, so follow the advice of your avian vet for keeping up the calcium levels until then.

Here is our Switching Birds To Pellets article that was written by an avian vet.

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