Camicide on birds?

by S P

My two canaries have air sac mites; something I'm sure they came with from the pet shop. They have both been treated with Ivermectin. I wanted to use the Camicide to treat the environment.

Is it true that the Camicide is also suitable for treating the birds? If you could answer my question that would be great! I know that I will definitely be using the Camicide to at least treat the environment, but I just want to be sure before using it on the birds. I don't want to hurt them.

Thank you

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Oct 01, 2013
Under pressure spray
by: Anonymous

It's not just under pressure spray it's ALL kind of sprays you cannot use around birds

Jul 16, 2010
Camicide on birds?
by: Linda

As Dr. B said, DO NOT SPRAY THIS ON YOUR BIRDS. ALSO REMOVE YOUR BIRDS FROM THE AREA TO BE SPRAYED, AS A SAFETY PRECAUTION, SINCE THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BREATH THIS. Any sprays that are under pressure are not to be sprayed in the house with birds, and this includes everything from hair spray to Pam spray and household cleaners. If using any items in under pressure cans, remove birds from home unti done with the spraying or if using something like Pam spray, take the pan and the spray outside to spray.

Thanks for writing,

Jul 16, 2010
Do NOT spray Camicide on birds!
by: The Avian Vet

Do not spray this on your bird!

Dr B

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