can 3 parrotlets share same cage?

by pat
(new york)

Hi, I have 1 female green parrotlet who is adorable! There is a pair up for adoption and (male and female) so do you think they all could share a cage at some point? Would 2 females get along? I have no intentions of breeding, just looking to add some friends for my single parrotlet. Thank You, Pat

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Mar 13, 2009
Should 3 Parrotlets share a cage?
by: The Vet

You absolutely do not want to put the two new birds with your bird. Females do not get along; three?s a crowd; your bird will loose her tameness and want to be with the other birds more than with you; the other birds will not be tame or stay tame.

You could adopt the pair and allow them to live in the same room to keep your bird company, but you should not allow them to share a cage. You also need to have the new birds seen by an avian veterinarian to be sure they are healthy before you introduce them to you bird.

Dr B

Mar 12, 2009
by: Amy

Whenever you put a male/female pair of parrotlets together, you have to keep other parrotlets out of their sight. They can hear each other from across the room, that would be ok, but if they see and perceive another parrotlet as a rival for their mate they might kill their mate. It is ok to put 3 males together. They should be all right, but as soon as you introduce another parrotlet to a bonded m/f pair, one of them will be attacked and perhaps killed. Parrotlets are cute and tiny, but are VERY feisty birds. Whenever you get new birds together, let them get to know each other outside of their cages in neutral territory. I always get my small birds together on my coffee table. I put millet spray out on the table for them. They start out by nibbling a bit on the millet and if they hit it off with each other, they start preening and feeding each other. That's when you know it's pretty likely that they'll be ok being housed together. Good luck!

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