Can a 14 year old parrot be trained?

by Jaclyn

I have a parrot who is now 14 years old. He doesnt talk and is quite shy, tries to keep away from everyone when you go near him in his cage. Is he too old to be trained? I'm trying to get him used to me going near him so hopefully he will let me pet him. I just dont know if he's too old now to learn to talk or to be trained at all??

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Jul 26, 2010
14 year old bird CAN be still be trained
by: Linda

Yes, a parrot his age CAN be trained, but it is going to take a full commitment on your and family's part to be able to do it. He has been neglected and may also be ill, so there is much to do here before even beginning training.

The first thing you have to do is take him to an avian (bird) vet before any training. Yo should make sure he is not sick with any kind of infections, either bacterial or viral, plus some basic blood work needs to be done to ensure that his body is functioning properly. Here is a link where you can Find an Avian Vet , and you need to make use of it.

TAKE BIRD ONLY TO AN AVIAN VET AS DOG AND CAT VETS ARE NOT LICENSED OR TRAINED IN CARING FOR BIRDS AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TELL YOU ANYTHING. They WILL charge you a lot to tell you NOTHING, so take him to Avian Vet so you get something for your money.

Your bird also needs to be on a diet of organic pellets like Harrison's which is endorsed by Avian Vets. Parrots do not eat any people food and an all seed diet will not keep your bird healthy. Tracie carries the organic pellets out here and get the kind recommended for your size bird which you did not say. Here is a link on changing from seeds to pellets that was written by an Avian Vet:
Switching Birds to Pellets article

There are training materials on the Parrot Training page so, after he has been seen and cleared by an Avian Vet, you can start studying the best ways to train your bird. DO NO TRAINING BEFORE A TRIP TO AN AVIAN VET as sick birds cannot learn.

Again, I'm not sure why this bird has been neglected, and because he has, your work will be much harder as he is not used to being handled and is probably cage bound as well. Cage bound is when people do not take bird out to be handled, petted and played with. Leaving a bird in a cage all alone without interaction with family for 14 years is cruel and neglectful. I'm glad you are finally going to try to give him a better life.


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