can a brother and sister african grey mate?

I have heard that a brother and sister African Grey can mate. Is this true?

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Apr 17, 2016
African Gray Parrots
by: Anonymous

I am buying Brother and Sister Grays there 14 months old, young Grays, mabe i should seperate
them, or sell one ? I dont want them to mate if there babys well not be healthy. please comment !

Editor's note: Separate them.

Dec 05, 2010
can and should are two BIG differences
by: Anonymous

YES they will breed
However as Linda said that does NOT mean they should. You the owner should be doing everything possible to see to it that this does NOT happen.

In all honesty Breeders who sell babies of opposite sexes that are related to the same buyer are just Irresponsible because the birds will bond and possibly breed even if the person has No intention on breeding The breeder also should have spent time educating you about these things.
Please look into some really good Parrot classes in your area many rescues put them on monthly.
Also there are some wonderful Parrot forums that you can join like
or this one for African Grey owners

good luck i applaud you for taking the time to research your pets.

Oct 19, 2010
can a brother and sister african grey mate?
by: Linda

NO YOU CANNOT BREED A BROTHER AND SISTER ANYTHING. When you do that, it is called inbreeding, and produces inferior offspring with both mental and physical deformaties. Never, ever breed either brothers and sisters, mothers and brothers, fathers and daughters or even those that are in the cousin area.

You need to do some serious study about genetics BEFORE attempting to breed anything including birds, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, pigs, goats or any other animal or bird. Inbreeding produces animals and birds not equipped to live quality lives for very long. It ruins the purity of the gene pool, and is also against the law in humans.

Thanks for writing and your birds or other pets are NOT toys for you to experiment with. They are sentient beings who feel emotionally and physically just like you do.


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