Can a budgie die from loneliness?

I had 2 budgies, and then one had died because the dominant budgie was "bullying" him, even though they were together for 3 years. When he died, we got her another mate who was much younger and he lived for about a month and died because he hit his head flying several times.

Now I'm left with the dominant budgie who is conceited and loved mirrors. A few days ago, I noticed she is very quiet(she used to be very noisy)and she plucks her feathers a lot. She still plays with the toys that have mirrors but not as often as before and she does not make as much noise as she used to.

It has been about 3 weeks since the second budgie died. After he died she was alright because we put even more mirrors to keep her company. Also her poop isn't how it should be and we live in New York so the weather isn't the hottest yet and the house temperature is about 60-70 degrees. My parents wont let me take her to a vet because it costs so much and im worried about her the two budgies died about a month after the next. so can she die from loneliness?

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Feb 05, 2018
Mirrors Kill Birds
by: Anonymous

I can see this post is from 6 years ago so I have no clue if anyone will ever see this but I feel it needs to be said. We have learned so much in the last few years alone. Mirrors drive birds to a serious state of insanity. They lose reality and become extremely territorial and aggressive. This comes from the best Avian vet I’ve ever met, the best behavior specialist I know of, as well as my favorite YouTube channel for parenting parrots. It’s barbaric that they are sold as in-cage bird toys. Small (but not small enough to break off and choke on) mirrors for the purpose of being shiny is one thing but a full sized mirror with a perch attached is horrid. If you interact with you’re bird enough to ground it in reality then it shouldn’t show much interest in mirrors. Trick training is a necessity for any bird owner. It builds trust and communication. If your interacting with your bird, they won’t get lonely. Anyone, ANYONE not interacting with their bird for at least a few collective hours every day, is neglecting them. Neglect is abuse. Don’t abuse.

Mar 13, 2012
Get fish?
by: CHaydel

Linda, your response was excellent, except for the "get fish" part. I have had both. It may not be possible to take a fish to a vet; hence, those who have fish have the OBLIGATION to read up on fish diseases and are willing to bare the price to medicines and administer them intelligently.

Mar 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

Your dominant bird obviously didn't like the other birds. It's silly to keep bringing home more only to have them bullied till they die.

Birds as long as they have proper human companionship will be just fine. THey won't die from loniless. THey might grieve, but they won't die of loniness.

Your other bird is probably bored now that it doesn't have a mate to pick on, and is plucking.

However, a sick bird will also pluck. They will also not act as they normally would.

There's no way of telling if your bird is grieving, bored, vs being sick. That's the problem with bringing new birds home, and not taking them to a vet, is they can pass along stuff to the other birds.

When I get a new bird, it's taken to a vet before it's introduced to my home. It's then kept in quarantine until I get a call from the vet saying it's healthy. Then I move the new bird into the room with the rest of the birds. ALways making sure to wash my hands in btwn handling birds.
Always keeping them in thier OWN cages. I never put birds together. THey can socialize from thier own cages or playstands from a distance. Never close enf to hurt another one. Birds can be unpredictable.

If you don't have the money for a proper vet, then you shouldnt own a pet of any sort.

I had a diabetic cat who needed to see the vet once a month, and on insuline injections for 3 yrs before he got cancer. Vet said put him down, bc no one would remove the tumors due to his age (17 yrs old) and being sick. I was living on a strict budget, and couldnt really afford a vet, but I made sure he went and was seen. I had to make allot of sacrafices so he could be seen. I dont regret it.

Now my financial situation has improved greatly. Therefore having more then one pet is do-able.
My avian vet costs me about $85 for a visit. In my opinion it's pretty cheap. Much cheaper then the cat vet my cat was going to.

If your pet is loved and means anything to you, you will have it seen by an avian vet right away. If you cant afford it, then you need to find someone who can. As the other ladies mentioned, its against the law to NEGLECT your animals by not getting them proper medical attn.

They should see a vet once a year.
Sit down, talk with the parents, figure something out for the birds sake.

Mar 13, 2012
Can a budgie die from loneliness?
by: Linda

I feel exactly the same way Tracie does about this issue. If you cannot take your pets to a vet when they are sick, then have NO pets of any kind. Of course, it costs money to treat a sick bird, dog or cat, and when we take these pets into our homes, we must also be willing to take them to a doctor when they are injured or sick.

The bird you have left may die without treatment for whatever is wrong. It is illegal to have pets and not take them to the proper vets when sick or injured, so please get yourself a tank of fish and take good care of them. The Law in every state says that we HAVE to give our pets medical services as needed. Pets get sick or hurt just like people do.


Mar 12, 2012
Birds keep dying
by: Tracie

I am trying to not offend you, but if I don't say others certainly will. You can't just put birds together and expect them to get along. If the birds are not living together when you purchase them, you have to keep them in separate cages until you see they WANT to live together.

1) If a bird is picking on a cage mate, they should be separated right away. It is cruel to allow a bird to be picked to death.

2) You need to keep the bird's wings trimmed so they don't fly and break something or chew something toxic.

3) If you do not take your birds to an avian vet before bringing them home, then you have a GREAT chance of bringing home a disease to your other birds.

It is likely that the bird you have left is ill, not lonely. Please Find an Avian Vet to examine the bird you have left. If you do not wish to take your birds to an avian vet, then please do not purchase any more birds.

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