can a gcc and sun conure mate

by Sue
(lewiston maine)

I have a 6 mo old gcc and recently bought a 9 yr old sun conure. At first the sun conure wanted nothing to do with the gcc. Now the sun conure flaps his wings and sings to the gcc. the sun conure struts back n forth on his play gym by the gcc. Is it possible for them to mate?

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Aug 02, 2011
can a gcc and sun conure mate
by: Linda

Though it is possible, please do not breed these two birds. For one thing, the female has to be two years' or over to be physically capable of laying eggs safely.

The other, and very important issue here is that the hybrid birds are not going to be what you are seeing in your mind. The possibilities of making a grave error in genetics is present when breeding two different kinds of birds within same species. These are called Hybrids, and they can have physical, mental and emotional defects that may show early or later on. Hybrids weaken any parrot species' gene pool and it is highly recommended that you do not breed this way.

If you want a mate for the Sun, get another, older Sun female possibly from a breeder in your area. You could trade your younger Green Cheek or have 3 birds.

Another word of warning is that when a bonded pair forms, you lose your pets as they turn back into the exotic wild animals they've always been. The male will become downright dangerous for when you attempt to feed, water and/or handle once a nestbox is present and sometimes before that. When a bonded pair is together, they lose much of the emotional/physical need for human companionship.

Do some study on breeding in general and don't consider breeding the hyrbird birds at all. The market, in general, is saturated with birds now, and most of them are ending up in abusive/neglectful homes either right away or somewhere along their long life road. A flooded market means cheap birds, financially, and so people who shouldn't even have them in the first place are able to buy them and subject them to lives of heartache, lonliness and sometimes torture. Please follow your heart here and not your mind. I trust that you will make the right decision for your beloved birds and yourself and your peace of mind.


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