can a normal pacific and a Spectacled Parrotlet mate?

by Lily
(House Springs)

we just purchased a normal pacific and a spectacle parrotlet. we hope they mate, but will they?

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May 30, 2011
can a normal pacific and a Spectacled Parrotlet mate?
by: Linda

Since both are Parrotlets, then yes they CAN breed, and whether or not they will is left up to them. Different species cannot breed, and hybrid breeding of same species is normally discouraged unless you know a lot about the genetics of both birds and genetics in general. There are a lot of unknown factors with birds that are purchased in a pet store, and so proceed with caution.

I suggest you do some research on the genetics of this breeding before you get started because sometimes breeding normals and mutations can result in too many recessive characterisitcs showing up. These recessives can be internal and external and some govern behavior, so do your homeowrk. If these birds are related, DO NOT breed them under any circumstances as this is called inbreeding and will result in deformaties internal and external just as it does in other animals like humans.

You can find this information on the internet or in a book about breeding the parrotlets. You can also talk with a breeder or two and see what they say. We normally discourage hybrid birds, so make sure you do your homework as to what percentage of babies will look normal and what percentage will look like the Spectacled. As I said, if these birds are related, do not allow them to breed, and if you cannot find out whether or not they are related, then consider them related and do not breed them. If they came from same pet store at the same time and are same age, then they very well can be related which will produce poor stock both physically and mentally.

Thanks for writing,

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