can a parrot eat a cooked shrimp?

my yellow nape loves lobster after we cook it and eat it ourselves. we gave her a piece of cooked shrimp today and she seemed to spit it up in a slimy form later, after going to the vet, was it the shrim or being squeezed too tight at the vet?

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Nov 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

Shrimp & lobster are lean sources of protein. they are in fact good nutritionally for your parrots if cooked correctly & are not too high in fat for them.

You need to ask your vet why she may have spat it back up. It's possible something with it didn't agree. Parrots are individual like us & can have allergies or reactions.

You can offer seafood to your parrots as long as it is plain, nothing at all added & it is not cooked in fat about once every couple of weeks.

Nov 23, 2012
can a parrot eat a cooked shrimp?
by: Linda

Parrots cannot eat the excessively fat shrimp and lobster. Both are very rich in fat and are simply not on a bird's diet at all. Your parrot does not need to be eating ANY human foods, no meat, no fish, no eggs. Your bird needs to be eating an organic high quality pellet like Harrisons found here. Parrots have a very sensitive digestive tract, and when they are fed exotic, fat filled foods, it makes them sick. It was not being held too tight but your thoughtless actions of feeding a parrot something not ever meant to be eaten by a parrot. Feed only wholesome foods made for parrots, and Harrisons is organic, has no chemical preservatives, dyes or sugars so is a perfect diet for a parrot. Birds on an all seed diet have to be changed over to the pellets gradually, and below is a link about how to go about it written by an Avian Vet. Harrisons is endorsed by avian vets, and I've fed it for many years to my Amazons, and they are healthy even into their mid thirties.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

This will not be the last time your bird gets sick unless you understand how to feed your bird. How to feed parrots can be found all over the internet, and I've never seen horrible shrimp and lobster on the list. Nor is beef or chicken on the list though either one of those would have been less harmful than the fatty seafoods. Humans eating this kind of food are eating solid colesterol in one of its worst forms. Feeding it to a sensitive bird is not done.

So, if you want your bird to be healthy, feed it only highly nutritional foods made for parrots with no human foods ever being given.


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