Can a parrot see a picture of a persons face and know what they see

by Gary Jensen
(Tampa Florida)

My double yellow amazon squawks until I come back into view.If I sit where he can see me ,he will talk and make nice noises,but as soon as I leave the screaming starts.Its anoying to say the least.He only started doing this in the last year and a half. We have had him for 10 years now.

We also have an African Grey who is 10 years old that is starting to copy the squawking.If I put a picture of myself in a heavy plastic type picture frame hanging from the top of the cage,will he be able to see it with his eyes,and maybe calm down,and maybe use it as a toy. I have also thought about giving him to friends of ours,for maybe a month,and then bring him back home to see if that would help Thanks for an input.

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May 31, 2009
Welcome to Parrot Land
by: Linda

Gary, has your life style changed in any ways in the last few months or so? Are you home less for reasons of work or social? It is odd that he would begin this behavior after this long with you. As for pictures, birds see flat unless they turn their heads to gain perspective. If he is looking at you with only one eye, you appear flat to him just like a picture (kind of strange is it not?)Since birds eyes are set on the sides of their faces and not up front like ours, they have to turn their heads to see depth.

First of all, try and think about what is different between you and your bird now than what it was before he started screaming. Some lifestyle changes including new people in your life and house will has an initial negative effect on birds. They are slow to take to new things and people. If you are spending less time with him when you used to spend a lot, he is demanding his quality time with you.Your Grey is just copying unless he too feels "left out" of some important part of your life together.

Do not put picture of yourself or any other kind of picture in bird's cage. Do your birds have bird safe toys to play with? All parrots like to chew on wooden toys hung on rope (cotton only).They also get bored with toys in a short time, so you have to change them up every few weeks or at least once a month.Later, you can put the same one back in, and they will play with it again. Birds also need time out of cages either on top of cages or outside perches.Birds need to feel free but safe.Coming out of cage should be done at least once a day when you are home and more often if possible.

You could put a picture of yourself on wall across from both birds. Put picture eyelevel with birds, as they will see the picture as real.I had a Toucan who would land on Japanese drawings of twigs and sticks I put on her wall.She always looked very surprised as she was sliding down wall instead of sitting on the "perch"! Do not put pictures of large animals and/or birds in your bird's area as they will be mortally afraid they will be eaten or killed.Pictures are real to them, so always keep that in mind with any decorating.Mine like flowers, water scenes, anything without other animals or birds.

Let us know how things go, and there are some good training resources out here, and you may wish to check them out. Look on the left under parrot training and free bird training.Also, don't yell at birds for making noise as this is attention, and whether it is negative or positive, the bird just wants attention. Try and get to the bottom of why your bird feels left out.

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