Can a Parrotlet get a seed stuck in their throat?

I picked up my Parrotlet on Saturday and she died on Sunday she was 7 weeks old and eating on her own but very small. She fell off her perch and when I checked on her again she just had her head hanging and lifeless. I thought maybe she hadn't ate due to the change (even thought she ate Saturday) when I tried to feed her she wouldn't even open her mouth so I am wondering if she could have gotten seed that was to big for her and it got caught in her throat.


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Sep 08, 2010
Can a Parrotlet get a seed stuck in their throat?
by: Linda

NO, your bird did not die from a seed caught in throat. Your bird was sick when you brought her home, and this is a case where a necropsy would have been a great idea so you could get your money back. Unless you have proof that she died the day after you brought her home, then it will be up to the breeder/pet store whether they give you a refund. DO NOT BUY ANOTHER BIRD FROM WHOEVER SOLD YOU THIS ONE, because they are selling SICK, NEAR DEATH BIRDS to innocent people, and it is heartbreaking and nauseating at the same time!

The little bird was not weaned yet, because weaning is a process. Wait until any other bird this size is at least 8 weeks or older before buying. Weaning is a process, and if whoever was doing the weaning did not know what they were doing, your bird simply starved to death. They do not go from eating formula to seeds because weaning takes a great deal of time. The 8 week mark is just the time one can BEGIN to start the process.

You will need to go online and do a search on the Parrotlet, meet some breeders and get some information on weaning baby birds. This was NOT your fault and was the fault of the breeder or pet store you got bird from. How dare them sell a bird in this kind of condition without giving you any education as to how to proceed. Baby birds REVERT back to babies even after they are completely weaned if moved and is a very common happening. This means new guardian has to KNOW HOW to hand feed baby birds and has to have the formula on hand. Handfeeding is a learned skill, so you need to get educated before getting another bird this young. Also, you'll need to carefully clean cage, perches, dishes and toys with a bird safe cleaner and Tracie carries the formula and cleaning supplies here. You'll want to wean bird to organic high quality pellets as well, and they are here too.

I'm sorry for your loss, and please stay away from whoever sold this almost dead bird because they either do not know what they are doing or are operating a "Bird Mill". Bird Mills are like puppy mills. Breeders do not feed properly, cages are filthy, and there are No trips to Avian Vet, EVER. Quality living conditions takes money out of the bottom line, and these people are only breeding birds for the bottom line not because they love birds. Not saying this one is like that, but a lot who sell to pet stores are Mills, and birds are sick day they are sold. Always take new birds to Avian Vet within 24-48 hours so you can get money back if needed or hopefully save the life of your bird at the breeder's or pet store's expense. My heart goes out to you, and I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am this happened to you and your sweet little bird. Birds and people deserve much better than this, so take your time in finding another bird and do your homework.


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