Can a pregnant lovebird travel?

by Herbert
(Makati City, Philippines)

Bob and Marley

Bob and Marley

My wife and I were wondering if our pregnant lovebird can travel with us. We were planning to fly out the city for our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we intended to take the birds with us.

We found out today that our lovebird is pregnant. We have to know if she can travel with us or not so we can postpone the trip if she can't. Our pets are our first consideration.


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Jun 11, 2008
Bird travel when gravid?
by: The Vet

What is it that has you believe your bird is "pregnant?" Birds are not pregnant like mammals are. They produce an egg which takes about 25 hours. The egg is laid and she is no longer "pregnant." This occurs about 4-6 times per laying cycle over a 7-10 day period.

While she is gravid (with egg) she can travel. Her condition should not warrant a change in travel plans. Are you feeding a pellet diet? If not, you should be. This will help prevent calcium deficiency caused by poor diet and egg laying.

Is she sitting on her eggs? If she wants to then you should let her. This will prevent laying more. If you take them away too soon she will just lay more. Let her sit them until she is bored with it and leaves the nest.

Dr. B

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