can a rainbow lory and red winged parrots be together

by Sara


We have two redwinged parrots, (for about 4 months) they have this wonderful huge "cage" and yesterday we bought a hand reared rainbow lory.

The lory is on his own and the redwinged parrots are a pair, but the lory wants so badly to get into their cage.

The pet shop owners said no, this is not a good idea, but I have read on the internet that they do actually live "together" in the wilds of Oz.

I would like to hear from others who might have put these two breeds together


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Aug 04, 2008
Putting birds in cage together
by: Tracie

I do not have these breeds, but if I were you I would let them hang out together outside of the cage in neutral territory if they are all hand tame birds. Then be prepared to rescue the Lory if the others become aggressive.

Sometimes it doesn't even matter if they are the same species, birds just decide what birds they want to be with no matter the size or species. People post stories all the time about Cockatoos with little birds, but they are very cautious about the introductions.

My Green Cheeked Conures hated each other for a few weeks, but now share a cage. I just put them together in a neutral place every day until they learned to get along and eventually started preening each other. That doesn't always work out, but it did for them.

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