Can an external trauma cause tumor/cancer in birds?

My 20-yr old green cheek conure just passed last weekend. He had a very large tumor near liver or spleen that was pushing all of his digestive system in the area upwards towards his spine. Vet said it was a end-stage cancer. And that there's nothing I did wrong that caused this disease. She said it's most likely just cell-mutations came about with his old age... just like humans get. I had him on ZuPreem pellets, fruits and occasional pasta and rice... no junk food... so I know it's not the diet.

I've been absolutely devastated... and I keep question why. Why him? I can't help myself to keep thinking about one possible causes and it's been driving me insane...

Almost a year and a half ago in October 2008, my bird bit my boyfriend really hard and wouldn't let go, so he tried to shake his hand to get my bird off of him. My bird held on, so he shook even harder, and my bird got slammed hard on the tile floor. He hurt one of his leg and was limping a little. He seemed fine otherwise. I was worried, so I took him to a well-known board certified avian specialist in the area, she examined him and said nothing broken, most likely just a sprained ankle. No X-rays were taken, but I trusted the vet and my bird seemed have gotten better over time, walked normal, and wasn't holding his leg up any more.

When he got sick, I asked the vet if this might have caused the tumor, and she said if he was hurt badly from this external trauma, he would have been dead then. She didn't think the two incidents are related at all.

I came across an article that talked about a certain type of skin cancer that could be caused by constant friction to the area, such as flapping wings against the cage on regular basis etc.. By no means this was discussed for an internal cancer, but I started wondering just perhaps... when he was slammed to the floor, he hurt his inside, and it turned into a malignant tumor over time?

Do you think this is possible? Or am I just going crazy...?

I've been feeling resentment towards my boyfriend - and I know I shouldn't. That was an accident.

I also blame myself for not noticing change in his health. I know I shouldn't... but it's hard not to.
It's only been 6 days since he passed in my hands... and I'm grieving...

If anyone can shed a light to my uncertainty, I'd truly appreciate it.

Yours truly,

Miss P

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Jul 06, 2010
Thank you...
by: Miss P

Thank you Dr, B. I feel a little better...

Jun 26, 2010
Can trauma cause cancer in birds?
by: The Avian Vet

No, I do not think this is possible. There is nothing that you could have done to predict this, and nothing that you or anyone else did to cause this.

Dr B

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