Can an umbrella and goffin cockatoo mate?

by Jay

I have a female umbrella cockatoo and I have an oppurunity to get a male goffin cockatoo. Will they bond? Could the mate? If so, I will not get the goffin.

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Dec 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

The White Cockatoo (Umbrella) and the Corella shouldn't breed. They should be fine although I would always be very careful adding another to the same cage.

Oct 02, 2010
Can an umbrella and goffin cockatoo mate?
by: Linda

They should not be able to mate, but since both are Toos, it may be possible. I would keep them in separate cages because due to the difference in size, it is not possible to house them together. So make sure you have two roomy well set up cages for each bird and anytime both are out of cage together, make sure you or another qualified person is present in the same room all the time birds are out to prevent fighting.

If your birds' wings are not clipped then you will need to take both into an Avian Vet to have this done. Just have them clip the 6 long primary flight feathers at the bottom end of each wing. This allows them to gently glide to the floor and not fall like a rock and break something. Your new bird will need to be checked for infections BEFORE coming home to your other bird because birds found in pet stores are usually already sick with some kind of infection, and bacterial/viral infections are highly contageous. Bird does not even have to look sick at the time of purchase, as they incubate infections for sometimes weeks before showing signs if illness.

We recommend once a year checkups for all birds to make sure they are healthy and free from infection or parasites.


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