Can an untame cagemate cause tame bird to untame?

by Cory
(London, Ontario, Canada)

Will my very tame Cinnamon GC Conure become untame because her cage mate (a territorial and "bitely" parrotlett is untame? Right now it seems to be working but the little Parrotlet goes crazy when I take the tame Cinnamon conure out. She seems greatful just to be out of there with him at times. They are both about 6 months old or so. She can handle herself due to her size and actually preens this little grumpy guy but when a human approaches , he goes bizerk!! (not to sound too calloused but, should I "ditch" the Parrotlett and get a better cage mate for my sweet conure? I got him in "the bird bargain bin" with the story that he was beign picked on. I think the real story was that he was picking on others and was seperated. Ironically if I use a glove , I can take this bird out (Terrible Ernie, as we call him) and put him on my shoulder. He'll climb to the back of my neck and hide under a curl of my hair, peeking out. He's like a little kid in his terrible two's and I doubt that it is going to change. Now Camilla is a "bird broach" and you just stick her on and you can go anywhere, do anything in or out. She's not wildly playful but more of a cuddler. I just don't want Ernie tyranical ways to influence her or scare her into acting meaner. HELP!!!

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Aug 05, 2012
Can an untame cagemate cause tame bird to untame?
by: Linda

Never, ever put two birds together where the difference in size is so drastic. Also never put a new bird in with another bird right away because not all birds get along. As for the parrotlet being untame, this is something that will require taming and training, and you'll have to spend time learning how to tame and train a bird. Before any training, you have to have bird examined by an Avian Vet ONLY because a bird who has an infection or is incubating an infection(which includes most birds found in pet stores and a lot of breeder facilities and private homes)cannot learn and stress can and does kill them.

So, get another cage for your parrotlet and once he has been examined by avian vet you can find some training materials on this site. First is to begin the taming process, and you will get bit from time to time, which is part of having parrots in the first place. All of them can and do bite and this includes the very tame hand fed babies.All parrots are exotic wild animals, and will always be wild in their hearts no matter how tame they appear to be. They are not domestic nor will they ever be.

Instead of thinking about getting rid of the poor little bird, start using your head. Getting a bird means learning all about how to care for them including taming and training. There are no perfect parrots and if this is what you are looking for, you will never find it.

Once parrotlet is in his own cage which will have much smaller bar spacing than the Conure's cage, work with him with the other bird in his cage. It would be great if you could take the parrotlet into a smaller room where it will be safe and quiet for training sessions(not the bathroom, please). You have much work to do, so I suggest you get started and give this little bird the kind of home he deserves.


Aug 04, 2012
Untame cage mate
by: Anonymous

Please don't "ditch" the parrotlet. I'm sure someone else did, that's why he was in the "bargain bin". No matter what other bird you try to get for the tame one, there is no guarantee they will get along. I would get another cage for Ernie. He needs his own space so you can begin training and taming him. I am sure your other bird would be grateful to have her own cage to herself, living with a grump is very stressful. You can't be sure what kind of treatment Ernie had before he came to live with you. He might have been left to sit in the cage with no human interaction or he could have been abused. The previous owner of my bird gave her to me for free because they hated her chirping and used to throw things at the cage. She was so stressed she used to pick her chest until it bled. After some time, training and patience (on my part) to gain her trust, my Rocky has turned into the smartest and funniest bird I have ever owned.

Aug 04, 2012
Untame bird cause tame bird to go wild?
by: Tracie

Those are NOT likely cage mates, and if the parrotlet decides to bug the green cheek, they could get in a tussle that will cause injury or death. Just because they get along today doesn't mean tomorrow one of them won't go through a hormonal stage and upset the peace.

I have two birds together where one is completely cuddly tame and the other one is wild. It has not effected the tame one at all.

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