Can birds eat pumpkin?

by melanie

I know birds can have pumpkin seeds. Can they eat raw pumpkin and do the seeds have to be roasted?

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Apr 08, 2010
Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds
by: Anonymous

I feed my Alexandrine Parrot fresh pumpkin seeds (which he needs to pull them out of the shell himself) and also fresh raw pumpkin. I can eat the pumpkin raw in salads, etc, so I figured he would enjoy it and he LOVES it. He also gets plenty of other food, seeds, up to 7 different vege's in a day, nuts and various types of seed and he is very healthy and happy.
I figure if its fresh and delicious, there's no reason he shouldn't be able to have a try.

Oct 29, 2009
Can birds eat pumpkin?
by: Linda

Never roast ANY seed for them as the heat destroys whatever is good for them in the seeds.

I would not recommend raw pumpkin for them. You can bake some of it up, and a small amount as a special treat would not hurt. We feed our Amazons baked sweet potato sometimes, but not very often. I'd make sure pumpkin is baked before feeding to them.

Another way to make the seeds VERY NUTRITIOUS is to sprout them. How you do this is to wash them up getting off all the pumpkin. Soak them overnight in a jar of clean cold water to soften them up some. Then, you pour off the water into a strainer and then wash seeds again. Using the same jar they were in, put the wet seeds back into jar, find a place where jar won't be disturbed that has light in a room that is warm, use something to prop backend of jar up higher than the front and put paper towels down at the front so water can continue to drain off the seeds. In a while, you will notice your seeds are starting to sprout. After they fully sprout, wash them off again using strainer and blot dry with paper towels. Feed these fresh to your birds. For those of us feeding birds a pelleted diet, this is the way to use up all the seed you may have left. The sprouts are 100% nutritious proteins, vitamins and minerals without ANY fat, so sprouting from sunflower, safflower and pumpkin seeds gives your birds an extremely healthy snack. Because the sprouts do not store very well, just sprout enough at a time for your birds to have in the morning and at night. You can ALWAYS have other jars of them going so you can keep a steady supply of this wonderful food even in the winter. Make sure window area is warm as the seeds do need some warmth to sprout. Not extra heat, just some warmth. I also cover my jars with a papertowel to keep direct sunlight off them, but no more than they'll get in a window is probably quite alright without doing that.You can find more info on this by doing a Google search on sprouting seeds on the internet.

Linda, Eli and Stella

Oct 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

Pumpkin (not raw) is ok for parrots to eat. It is a good source of beta carotene and vitamin A. I use cooked pumpkin (pureed) in my birdie bread, and my birds love it! You can also bake for your birds with the solid pack pumpkin in the can. I don't know about the seeds being eaten without roasting them first. Someone with more knowledge should answer that. I think you probably can feed them to your birds. I give mine cantaloupe seeds raw (washed with water first).

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