Can birds go on porch now?

by Anne

We have a shady screened in porch. Is it safe to put our bird cage out on the porch now that it is in the 60's at night and 80's during the day? They are parakeets.

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May 25, 2013
Can birds go on porch now?
by: Linda

No, I recommend you do not leave them out there at night. Birds have to be kept warmer than 60 degrees F, so during the warmer part of a day, they can sit out there, but need to be back inside house before dark so they can stay warm enough. Put them out there around noon and have them back inside house for their evening feeding.

There is also an issue with drafting which you will have to workout. A draft is formed when there are two open spaces across from each other in any and all directions. What this means is your birds will get sick if there is too much of a breeze coming through on the porch. I think putting them out there for an hour or two on a still warm day will be just fine. Just keep in mind that a draft is a draft, whether warm or cold air, and birds can get pneumonia from exposure to drafts even inside the house. Never put birds under or over any air vents inside the house because air blowing on them acts as a draft situation. Our Amazons have their own room, and we close the Air conditioning vent in there for the entire summer. They are kept cool enough from ambient air coming from the kitchen vent.

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