Can birds have soy milk?

by Samantha
(Bellingham WA)

How about soy milk can they have? I use it on my cereal every morning. Bob a Sun conure and Emmy a Dusky head conure, are very kind and share my cereal with me. So I hope Soy milk is ok for them.

Bob - Sun
Emmy - Dusky Head
Trixie - Tiel
Oscar - Kitty

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Feb 14, 2008
Feeding Soy to birds
by: Tracie

There is more and more disturbing data found about soy beans and products. Soy beans in their natural state contain large quantities of natural toxins and there is data that soy is cumulatively toxic when fed to animals. For example, The PARROT SOCIETY NEW ZEALAND claims that soy products in bird food have caused such problems as immune system breakdown, failure of organs and multiplication of the birds' own benign bacteria. This is why our totally organic pellets do not contain soy beans.

This is a quote from the following link:

You can also read about other health issues here:

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