can blue crowned hanging parrot and green cheek conure be in the same cage?

by Rinadia

I have a Blue female crowned hanging parrot and i was thinking to pair the blue crowned with a male green cheek conure. will it be safe for both to be pair up?

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Mar 11, 2011
Blue crowned parrot and GC
by: Anonymous

Thank you Tracie and Anonymous. This is the first time i'm adopting the birds. So i will apply your feedback to my baby birds. Thank you very much on your comment. I appreciate it alot.

Mar 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have had my green cheek in with my blue headed pionus parrot for over 4 yrs now and they are the best buddies!! My GC is a little cage agressive but once out he is great! good luck

Mar 09, 2011
Blue Crown with a Green Cheek Conure
by: Tracie

It is possible, but you would need to purchase a separate cage for the Green Cheek no matter what. You will have to be VERY careful with them for a long while, since the BC is bigger and then the GC's are prone to being bullies. That means the GC could irritate the BC and get hurt.

You will need to let them play outside their cages in a neutral place and see if they run at each other to attack. If they get along outside the cage, then you can one day let them play on the outside of the cage you wish for them to share.

Once you see them both enter the cage and not fight, then watch them for an hour or so and still keep them in separate cages for another week, letting them have more and more time to go in and out of the same cage. Provide two feeding dishes and two water bottles in the cage you want them to share, because they may never share food dishes and bottles.

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