Can Conures and Amazons coexist in a household environment.

by Joe Camp[
(Brookwood, AL, US)

Looking at buying a Blue Crown Conure for my daughter and wanted to know if I would have problems later if I bought an Amazon for my wife. Both would he hand fed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 02, 2012
Can conures and Amazons coexsist in a household?
by: Anonymous

Yes. Both breeds can live in the same household. They will need seperate cages, across the room from one another. I would suggest regular wing clippings for both, so they cannot fly to the other cage where the amazon can hurt the conure.

Amazons are great birds. You will need to make sure they have plenty of toys. Larger parrots love to chew. Also consider foraging toys to keep the bird stimulated. Provide the amazon toys with plenty of different materials, like wood, plastics, rope, leather, etc.

Amazons do reuire attention each day. One on one time with their owners. To play and be trained. If your wife doesn't have a cpl hours each day to invest in the bird, it's best to not get her one.
That's when you see them starting to bite, develope behavioral issues, and plucking.
Amazons are great to have, if you have the time for them and can be a loyal companion.

Conures require less attention then an Amazon would. They are fun little birds to have. Please be sure you can afford regular yearly visits for both to the avian vet. Birds require vets too!

I honestly would research both breeds online, and make sure that that breed will fit in with your household. Sometimes finding the right bird can be tricky.

Aug 31, 2012
Conure and Amazon in same home
by: Tracie

They can live in the same house, just not in the same cage and not be out of the cage at the same time.

Please do a LOT of research about both birds, learn the pro's and the con's of each. You may have already done this, but I can't tell from your post.

Blue Crown Conures are typically hilarious and fun, but they can also be loud and obnoxious. Amazon parrots usually will learn to repeat human speech and are fun, but they can be very loud, messy and get hormonal and do a great deal of damage to your body if you don't learn their body language.

All birds are messy, expensive to feed properly and require yearly avian vet visits. Avoid feeding prepared foods and more than 20% healthy treats. They need to eat 80% high quality pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush pellets.

If the place you purchase birds from doesn't take their birds to an avian vet to make sure they are healthy and disease free, then find another place to purchase. They don't care enough about the birds for them to healthy, they are just in it for the money.

Thanks for writing and I hope I didn't write too much. Even if you are an experienced bird person, another person may read this and learn. :-)

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