Can I change a 4 year sun conure name

Can I can the name of a 4 year old sun conure that was given to me

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Feb 05, 2012
of course you can
by: Anonymous

My sun conure was renamed when I adopted her at 3 years old.

Think of it this way, new name, new home, new start, new life.... Sometimes an adopted bird may have some baggage & a new name can help a little with the baggage. An old name can remind them of some past things. And sun conure learn very quickly what their new name is too.

Feb 04, 2012
name change
by: rheba

My Grey was 2 when I got her and her previous owner named her peeper I was'nt thrilled with the name so I decided to call her Kiki and had a nice name plate made for her cage and Kiki it was and everyday she would sit talking and say "Peeeeeperssss , in about five differnt tones to this day she still proudly calls out her name peepers , peeps , poopers , and whenever I leave the room she lets out a high deciable peep , peep , peep needless to say shortly after the name change I just accepted that peeps aka peepers is who she is she also has an obsession about peeping out when shes covered at night she just needs to see whats going on . Your bird will let you know if he/she likes her new name . Peepers cage still says kiki but I never called her that again . I love my little peeps ! Good luck with your new friend !

Feb 04, 2012
Changing your bird's name
by: Tracie

Just start calling the bird by the new name, and it will eventually know you are addressing it by that name. Congratulations on your new bird!

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