Can I feed my parakeet apples

I would like to feed my parakeet apple slices but I bought the apples from the store which means the apples have pesticides on them. Is it still ok to feed the apple to my parakeet as long as I peel the skin off and wash it first?

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Mar 28, 2013
Feeding apples to birds
by: The Avian Vet

I recommend that you wash with a special fruit and vegetable wash. I use Fit. There are others. Then peel the apple. This will greatly reduce exposure. You can also buy organic.

Dr B

Mar 27, 2013
Can I feed my parakeet apples
by: Linda

You cannot feed any bird much apple because it will cause digestive upsets. Feed only a very tiny amount a couple of times a week or less for a bird as small as a Budgie.

Too much apple makes birds' stool runny, causes stomach ache, and if the fruit is not organic, can actually poison your bird with whatever chemicals were used in and on the fruit. Feed only organic food to your bird because his body is too small to handle any chemicals in his food.This includes any seed mixes not stated to be Certified Organic for the same reason. The factory farmers spray their crops with all kinds of pesticides and chemical fertilizers both of which kill birds and people too if they eat too much of it.


Mar 27, 2013
Feeding birds apples sprayed with pesticides
by: Tracie

I feel confident Dr B will say "yes" because millions of people feed their parrots pesticide fed and sprayed fruits and veggies every day. This doesn't mean they are good for your bird though. Why not feed them organic and spare their liver, kidneys etc. from having to process this?

Fruits and veggies that are not organic are not just sprayed with toxic chemicals, they are fed toxic chemicals as they are growing. The toxic stuff is in every fiber of the plants.

Here is an article you should read about the chemicals in our food:

Parrot Health - Chemicals in food

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