can i put 2 african grays togathr

by shovon

can i put 2 african grays togathr and tame them or teach them tricks? i am willing to buy a pair of african gray which i have found at a breeder, they are not socialized or tamed. some blogs say that they can't be tamed if kept in pairs. is it true?? i really want to keep the pair togather as they seem to like each othr alot.. and train them together. is it possible to keep them together and train them??

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Nov 24, 2012
re-can i put 2 african grays togathr
by: shovon

THANKS LINDA for your valuable advice...

i am not experienced in training birds. but i am bit experienced in keeping them as pets. i had many indian ringnecks, opaline, and a pair of hill mynah (both of thm was excellent talkers) when i was a kid. i did not know anything about training methods at that time. i just took care of them and over time, they trusted me and let me pet them.

though i think you are right about not choosing bigger parrots as i didn't have any pets for more then 10 years. i am thinking of getting a blue pacific parrotlet for petting.. will it be good for me?

i am also thinking of buying a pair of pacific parrotlet and put them in different cages in different rooms. will it be alright>>

any suggestion will be highly valued..

Nov 24, 2012
is pacific parrotlet is a good choice ?
by: Anonymous

thanks linda.. thnx for ur tips..

i had many indian ringnecks, opalines, couple hill mynah(they were excellent talkers),whn i was a kid.. so, i think i know a bit about takin care of parrots, bt not much.. i did nt use any tricks or training techniques with thm(i had no idea about training techniques or bonding techniques). they were tamed jst bcoz i raised them up whn they were young.. and i hav noticed that if they are kept in pairs, they r not likely 2 b tamed. bt there r exceptions (my pair of hill mynah was quite tame 4m th beginning. as i bought them from their 1st owner.) thanx a lot for givin me the tips again...

according to ur suggestion, i m thinkin of buyin blue pacific parrotlet. they r cutee. affectionate. they need relatively smaller cages, so i can hav a paair and keep them in separate cages in different rooms. is it a good idea to buy blue pacific parrotlet for me??

Nov 23, 2012
can i put 2 african grays togathr
by: Linda

No, this will not work for you or anyone else. First of all, the birds are not tame, and they are possibly already bonded with each other. Even two different birds untame bought at the same time will not work. In order to gain your bird's trust which takes a long time, you will not be successful doing this with two birds at the same time.

Get one bird, learn everything you can about it including the correct cage size, perches, and diet it needs to be healthy. Take your bird to an avian vet ONLY during the first few days you have it examined because birds under stress of being moved around are prime candidates for infections. Your bird will need to be examined and either cleared for physical issues or treated before you can begin to handle it. Wild, untame birds need someone with experience in the taming and training of birds too. If you have no experience with parrots, start with a smaller bird like a Cockatiel or even a Budgie because the larger birds can be very dangerous for a novice.

So, back up here and get a smaller bird, learn everything about that bird you can find, learn ow to feed it properly, how to house it, how to earn its trust and finally how to go about taming and training. Even a small bird will bite very hard if you do not know what you are doing. Many things to learn before you even consider a larger bird much less two.

With the smaller birds, start with only one and get used to how to handle it safely for both yourself and the bird.You are wanting to bring a highly intelligent, sensitive being into your life, and you owe it learning everything you can about its needs before getting it. You can't just throw away a bird you end up not liking, so take this seriously and think of the bird much more than you seem to be doing. Your bird, whatever it is, may never learn to talk or to do tricks. Teaching birds is a learned skill, so you must be satisfied to enjoy your bird and learn as much from it as possible. Sounds a whole lot like you want a toy to play with. Parrots of any size or species are not toys, and they have feelings just like you do. They are also afraid of big humans, so put yourself in your bird's place. The right motives for getting a bird for a companion mean the difference between it working out for both of you or your bird being miserable, lonely, neglected and ultimately thrown away like so much trash.


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