Can I stop my Senegal Parrot From making a sound that makes the Basset Hound howl (Bay)?

by Bob
(North Port, Florida)

My Senegal Parrot starting making a new screech sound, that he ends on a very high note. When he does this, the Basset Hound starts howling, and then the other dog joins in.
I believe he knows what he is doing and makes the sound on purpose. He loves the dogs, and he goes to the bottom of the cage (to be closer to the dog sleeping in the chair) looks at the dog and makes the sound til the dog is howling. What to do?? It happens often throughout the day, and even can wake up others sleeping in the house.

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Sep 03, 2010
Can I stop my Senegal Parrot From making a sound that makes the Basset Hound howl (Bay)?
by: Linda

Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much as the bird will most likely become bored with this in a while and either stop it or change. He is getting a reaction from his loving audience, and of course he's going to have fun with this.

There ARE a couple of things to do to slow it down or stop it altogether. When all the noise starts, take the dogs outside for a bit. If bird does it again when they come back in, then take them out again for a little bit. You also need to be telling the bird in a firm but not mean or loud voice to "Stop that Noise", and make sure he understands it is the note on the end that makes the dogs howl you are talking about. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TEMPER with your bird or you will lose his trust maybe forever. Just be firm yet gentle in all your interactions with him.

If taking the dogs outside does not work, then take them into another room where hopefully they cannot hear him. When your bird understands, and he will after some repetition, that everytime he makes the awful sound at the end, you are going to remove his good friends from the house or the room, he will catch on. This may take a while and a lot of effort on your part, and will be worth it to have some peace in the household.

Birds will do anything they want to do much like small children, and your job is to train him to be a good citizen. Teach him quieter ways to communicate with his dogs. Like start petting them and talking sweetly to them once all is quiet, telling the dogs how good they are and how sweet. Say Good Dogs a lot and act like you are ignoring the bird. In time, he will pick up some of the soothing words you are saying to the dogs and talk to them that way. He is only trying to communicate with his dogs, no more no less, and if he gets a laugh or two out you and family being irritated, then he is "King of the Hill".

Follow the above instructions, and in a week maybe less, you will be seeing a change. By the way, never, ever allow bird out of cage when dogs are present because severe injuries can occur to both bird and dogs.Consistency is the key to training either dogs or birds, so you may also wish to tell dogs to stop howling right before you take them either outside or to another room. All of them are causing trouble here, so all need to be trained accordingly. Don't lose patience, and stay consistent, and you will be amazed at the results with anything you try to teach the bird or dogs. Parrots are exceptionally intelligent, rougly equivalent to a 4-5 year old human child, so they can get themselves into trouble just by having fun. Always keep that in mind when working with your bird on changing a bad behavior. He is a little kid/bird having a good ole' time, so always be firm and gentle at the same time. He has to learn to be a good bird, so keep up the good work with him, and his trust and respect for you and your respect for him will grow daily.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted.


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