Can i tame a 14yr old wild macaw parrot that was used for breeding

by justine freeth

Im getting a wild macaw parrot that has been used for breeding. Will i be able to get her tame in time.

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Jan 26, 2012
by: justine

Hi Linda. Thank you for your advise. I Have already had her checked by the vet and all is well physically. I am not 100% sure she is fully wild. I know that she was used as a breeding bird for quite a while and was kept outside. I totaly agree with you about getting a trainer in im in the process of getting one. I have started by talking to her every avalible chance, feeding her and so on. Her cage is a proper size macaw cage, at the moment i havent put in any toys. As far as her wing feathers being cliped that something i will have to do at a later date as ive only just got her used to me so another vist to the vets will stress her even more. Many thanks for all your help and advise. I will keep you updated on her progress. Justine

Jan 25, 2012
Can i tame a 14yr old wild macaw parrot that was used for breeding
by: Linda

You'll be able to do this ONLY if you have extensive experience handling the larger birds. If you do have experience, you'll need to take a look at some of the training materials on this site, and you can go from there.First thing is a trip to Avian Vet to make sure bird is healthy enough for training plus wings will have to be clipped--explained below.

A large wild bird like this can severely injure you, so look at training materials, and you may want to consult with a bird trainer before all is said and done.If you have limited experience handling the big birds, you will have to rely on this trainer more than if you are experienced.

At first, work to win the bird's trust and this is done by feeding and watering, cleaning cage and talking to her as often as you can. You have to have a large cage where the cup holders swivel out or you will be in serious trouble right away. A wild bird will resent you putting your hands into the cage, and DO NOT under-estimate the physical damage a Macaw is capable of doing. They can snap a finger off quick as a bunny, and can break a smaller person's wrist quickly, so proceed with caution and hire a behaviorist/trainer for a while so they can show you some techniques. I used to have a store in the 70's and our birds were the wild-caughts directly from the world's jungles. We used gauntlet type gloves for the Macaws and Cockatoos. Those are the ones going up to your elbow and in a size too large so they can mash the glove instead of your finger. The behaviorist may have some better ideas to get you started, so use their expertise as gloves scare birds a lot.

Also, before training or dietary changes, your bird will need exam by Avian Vet. Do this right away, and have her checked for infections and some basic blood tests done to see if organs are functioning. I think it's called a Chem Panel, and this should show up any problems. You'll also need wings clipped, and ONLY the 4-6 Primary Flight feathers need to be trimmed. These are the long ones at the ends of each wing. Do not allow them to be cut up any higher as this causes chronic pain and bird falls like a rock and can break feet and legs. Wings HAVE to be trimmed because as long as she has her full flight ability, she will NOT tame down. Once she gets used to having wings clipped, she will be more cooperative.

Avian Vet may help you with a trusted person they know to help with training.Trust is earned never freely given with parrots, and she will be scared to terrified for a while.Give her time to adjust.

Make sure cage is large enough for her and get a Macaw cage if possible with swing out cup holders. She needs room enough to spread her wings out to the side and flap without hitting sides of cage or toys. She also needs plenty of room for the long tail.She needs safe wood natural branch perches.

Let us know how everything is going,

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