Can lories and Amazons mix?

by jennie

Hi please can you help me i have a lovely 9yr old yellow crowned Amazon whos never lived with other birds but i now also have a 6mth old rainbow lory who i hand reared my self from 3weeks of age they live in seprate cages dew to different diets but i want to build a 6tt wide 6ft tale 9ft long avairy for day use only when weather is good and wanted them to go in it together is this ok???????

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Jul 09, 2012
by: jennie

thank you linda for your information and advise i have no plans on caging them together just hoped they would be able to enjoy the freedom of flight and sun together on days when weather permittes but never mind guess they will have to enjoy it the best they can from a cage or take it in turns in the avairy

Apr 01, 2012
Can lories and Amazons mix?
by: Linda

No, I'm sorry but it is not a good idea. You still have the problem of two different diets as well as the fact they have never lived together. The Lori is just too different from the Amazon and will never be able to be caged together. The Amazon, being older, is likely to become aggressive with the Lori with terrible results.

You can keep them in their cages and put them outside for very short periods of time. Why I say very short is that there are all kinds of bugs to deal with plus wild birds will land on their cages bringing parasites and disease to your birds. Even the aviary you are talking about will need to be safeguarded in all kinds of ways before any bird is safe in it. Outside aviaries are very expensive in that they have to be double wired with hardware cloth and then screen mesh to make sure NO bugs can get in. Floors have to be piped out with drains and concrete has to be slanted so that water goes into the drain in the middle of floor. Piping out has to be done to make sure everything flows outside from under the aviary, and the outside part of the drain pipes have to be caged to make sure no rats, mice, bugs and snakes get into your aviary. The aviary has to be built with concrete curbs in which the cage wire is embedded and has to be small enough so rats and mice and snakes and bugs cannot enter. To make something worth having will cost you more money than just taking birds outside for short periods while you are with them. Always plan on being with them anytime they are outside.

Basically, your desire to give them some fresh air is a good one, but only for short periods of time while you are right there to make sure they are safe. Do not make any plans to ever cage them together as it will not work, and both birds may be killed or injured or both.


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