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Oct 02, 2010
Can my 12 year old parrot be tamed?
by: Linda

Yes, an older bird can be tamed and trained, and FIRST you have to take him to an Avian Vet in your driving area to make sure he is healthy enough to be trained. This means going in there with a small towel and getting him out of his cage. Your bird is what is called "cage bound" now, and this is an emotional response to being locked down for years and years. Birds who have not been allowed outside cage get to where they are afraid to come out of cage, so you may need to towel him to get him into a travel cage to go to the Avian Vet.Put him into a travel cage and not a box because birds can get out of boxes by tearing them up. There are some travel type enclosures on this site and can also be found in pet stores.

Yes, you must have the wings trimmed and let the Avian Vet do that when your bird goes in for his physical exam. Have vet cut ONLY the 6 long primary feathers at the ends of both wings. Do not allow them to cut up any higher as this causes chronic pain and cripples the bird. Once the primary feathers are trimmed, your bird will gently glide to the floor instead of falling like a rock and hurting himself. We recommend all birds have their wings trimmed prior to training because they can hurt themselves from their fear. Homes can be dangerous places for birds who may fly into walls, mirrors, tv's and windows. Any of those can cause head trauma that is life threatening.

So, first, take bird to an Avian Vet to be thoroughly examined for infections, parasites or other physical problems. Have them do a throat swab to check for bacterial infection and blood work for viral infections and to see how organs are functioning. After that, you will need to take a look at some of the training materials on this site and also do a search on taming "cage bound" parrots on the internet for more information. Remember, your bird is scared to death to come out of cage, and it is up to you to slowly gain its trust and show it that being outside cage can be enjoyable. Either way, this is going to take time, commitment and effort on your part. You must understand your bird's mind and his fears before attempting to help him. He has been neglected so long that it is normal for him to be left in his cage, so it will take much time to deal with his fears and to gain his trust. Trust is earned not given, so keep this in mind throughout the entire training period. Firmness tempered with much gentleness, kindness and compassion is your required mindset for training any animals or birds, especially those who are very fearful. I wish you and your little bird all the best!!!


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