Can my lonely parrotlet and a parakeet become friends?

by Angela
(Harrison Twp.., MI)

6 month old parrotlet just sits in the cage cuddled up to his mirror. He is fine when we get him out, will sit on our shoulders, walk through our hair, he loves when we wrap him up in fleece and watch tv. He just seems too quiet and none moving when he is in the cage. He just seems lonely. We don't have him out 24/7. Maybe a few hours a day, at best.

So we got a parakeet yesterday to put in a cage next to his, we were told it's a girl. The hopes were they would bond in some way, even if they end up cuddled together and quiet, it seemed like at least he would have a friend.

Is this a bad idea? He keeps trying to pass her food, but she squaks at him. I'm just wondering if I should find another parrotlet instead? Boy or girl? Should I have gotten a boy parakeet instead?

I can't seem to find anyone who can help me with this in my area. I tell them about our parrotlet and they all look at me like I'm nuts, how could they never have heard of this tiny parrot?

Any help would be appreciated. I have 12 days left before I return this parakeet back to the store.

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May 13, 2018
by: Sherry

I have to defend the budgies. I do not find them to be aggressive or dominating. I have been a bird owner for over 40 years. I have had Cockatiels, Cockatoos, a Conure, and budgies. Budgies are my absolute favorite. I have bred and raised around fifty budgies. They are smart, playful, and very affectionate to me, my family, and our other pets.

Many people treat them like song birds, instead of parrots. Like most other parrots, budgies require gentle training, a lot of attention, a lot of love, and an entertaining environment to play. Just like a puppy, a bored parrot can amuse itself with any means available. It is in their nature to check, squawk, sing, and make messes.

I have never had my budgies be aggressive to my other birds or pets. I spend a lot of time with each one individually and getting them to know the other animals, birds, and people in my house hold. My birds are tame enough to take outside on a basket to play, will ride around on my Boston Bull Terriers' back, and sit on my porch by themselves. (I currently have close to thirty budgies).

It is all in how they are trained in how much time you have to spend with them. They can talk, play, sing, do tricks, and much much more. Best of all, they are truly adorable, loving, and so very precious. It is all a matter of the birds that you fit with the best. In my case, I treasure each and every one of my precious budgies.

Apr 11, 2018
Will they get along
by: Gina Camarena

I was wondering the same thing I have a girl parralet and my husband caught a boy parrakeet at work today was wondering if I could put them together? Did it work out for you?

Feb 08, 2018
Male Parakeet and female Parrotlet
by: Anonymous

I had a male parakeet and female parrotlet, they each had their own flight cage and their cage doors were left open all day long. She would go in his cage but he would not let her eat his food. I lost my parrotlet about 3 months ago. My parakeet stopped singing and chattering which he would do all day long and he started to lose weight. I now have another female parrotlet and they're back and forth to each others cage. They show signs of mating, she even feeds him and he lets her eat his food. So i guess it depends on the bird.

May 31, 2017
Can my lonely parrotlet and a parakeet become friends?
by: Birdmom

I got a parakeet for my parrotlet. I put a partition in his cage to keep them close yet separate for awhile. Don't remember how long. That was 7 years ago & Keet just died this morning. Will probably get him another parakeet & hope they bond as well. Hope I can find that partition buried in my garage somewhere.

Dec 03, 2016
Parrotlet and Parakeet bonded
by: Anonymous

We have a male Parrotlet and a female Parakeet who have bonded. The store we purchased him from said keep him separated from all other species of birds (too aggressive). The parrotlet doesn't like our other two male parakeets, but sleeps in the same aviary with them. The parrotlet loves the female and cuddles and feeds her and she him. She is also very protective of him, not letting the other parakeets get to close. Each case is different, so it is impossible to tell which species will tolerate or even bond with another.

Dec 21, 2010
Thanks Ed
by: Dave

I have been a bird owner for almost 50 years, and have never used an avian vet. Just plain too much money, and too free with their opinions. I have also never lost a bird to illness. I, like anon, depend on the advice and experiences of other bird owners.
It has been my experience that parrotlets are the more aggressive of the two. As I type this I have 2 keets on the keyboard and an angry/jealous parrotlet in a cage who wants out badly. I know full well the tiny parrot would chase the other two away if I let him out. For that matter, he would also chase away the family dog!
I agree with the two cage method, but have also had them become socialized in the same cage.
Honestly, I am suprised the keet is the alpha here.
If you do use a vet, evaluate their advice and opinions. Anon is right, they are there to make a living first -- other birders generally just want to help.

Good luck to you,

Nov 24, 2010
Talk about fear mongering...
by: Anonymous

Every situation is different, and so is every bird. It could work out, or it might not!

I have found the forum extremely helpful when I have questions about my parrotlets. They even have a couple threads on the same issue you are facing! Check out

Honestly, Linda sounds like she is advertising for an Avian Vet in her area. It's good to have a vet, especially if you can find a good one, but they are still business-owners, first and foremost. Bird-owners with real-world experience often have more experience with day-to-day issues, and can share valuable advice!

Editor's note: Linda has NEVER even mentioned a vet in her town. Too many people kill their birds trying to treat without a vet. Then when they get to the vet, their home treatments has so messed up the bird that it makes it harder for the vet to determine what is really wrong. All this, if the bird is even still alive.

Aug 10, 2010
Don't worry.

Don't worry, I think if you keep them in a separate cage for two weeks right next to each other so they can know each other would be good. Also take them out for an hour a day at the same time and watch what they do. After the two weeks then you are fine to put them together.
Good luck.

Mar 04, 2010
Can my lonely parrotlet and a parakeet become friends?
by: Linda

If you are talking about a Budgie, and I think you are, then they are one of the most aggressive little birds you could have found. Do not allow them to ever be alone together, and never even consider putting them in same cage. Budgies will try and boss around much larger birds and make their lives miserable, so do not allow these two to do more than see each other from their cages.

You need to get another parrotlet, and keep it in a separate cage for a while. Your birds need to be checked out by an Avian Vet in your area as soon as is possible. All new birds need to be seen by an Avian Vet because all birds in pet stores are either sick or getting that way, so do not delay taking these two to Avian Vet, and the new one will need to go to Avian Vet before being put in same room with these two. Bacterial/Viral infections are highly contageous, and are passed back and forth easily, so take the two you have in and keep new parrotlet in another room away from them until it has been tested for infections.

Thanks for writing,

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