can my sunconure mate an indian ringneck

by raneem

i have a sunconure (bb) and he is a sweet lil guy these days we have work alot so maybe we get back late and im thinking of getting an indian ringneck or maybe a lutino so can the mate and be friends

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Jan 15, 2017
by: Anonymous

So my green male Indian ringneck is desperately trying to breed with my female Sun conure and the Sun conure is letting him do it has this ever happend

Mar 02, 2016
housing different birds together
by: Anonymous

I have a large custom built aviary. I house my birds together with no problems. My cockateil is 31 yrs old. The conure is 3, the indian ring neck 4 and the parakeet is 11. Each new bird was introduced slowly and a small cage with the new bird was hung inside the aviary for a month before releasing them together. The new one was put back in the small cage at night for a additional month and watched closely

Jan 03, 2014
can my conure breed with my ringneck
by: Enver

Hi I have recently paired my conure male with my ringneck female ...they get along well together and are simply adorable how they cuddle each other and sleep ...they are constantly grooming each other and the ringneck female even eats and steal food from the conure male beak took them over night to get used to each other only being scared at first now they are inseparable only thing left now is for them to mate if that is possible only time will tell !!!

Aug 22, 2011
Conure and IRN play together
by: Tracie

Yes, they can hurt each other even in front of you. You will get a feel for it after a while. Just be ready to rescue a bird, and be ready to get bit too. ;-)

After a few weeks you will know if they can play together in front of you without you playing referee. Some birds get along great and really enjoy each others company as long as neither bird goes into the others territory, like their cage or play with their toy etc.

Aug 21, 2011
yes im ready
by: raneem

thank you tracie and yes im ready to bring another cage and diffrent things . but what i understand from you is even if they are out together (front of me) they can hurt each other ??

Aug 20, 2011
can my sunconure mate an indian ringneck
by: Linda

Birds of different species cannot mate, and as Tracie said, plan on your birds being in their own cages with their own toys, food and water. The new bird will provide great company for your present bird while you are away, just do not put them in same cage regardless of size or species involved.


Aug 20, 2011
Conure and IRN together
by: Tracie

It would be great if you are wanting to get another bird for another cage that YOU want and that the birds can be around. Just don't expect to let them out together or put them in the same cage. The Indian Ring Neck could kill the conure in a flash.

There is never a guarantee that two birds of the same species, like two sun conures, will even get along. When you put a large bird and a small bird together or an aggressive species with a mellow species, you have to really be careful to make sure they enjoy each other's company.

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