can parakeets learn to talk

by linda

I have two parakeets blue and snowy.i just got them. and can they learn how to talk.

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Dec 06, 2010
by: Anonymous2

yes they can talk, when i was a kid we had two of them (at separate times, i have heard that if you have more than one at a time they are less likely to talk) both of mine taled very well and were very smart. i bought one as an adult that was female but she did not talk no matter how much time i spent trying to teach her.(the other two were both male)All three have passed away by now as they do not live as long as parrots. i now have an african meyers parrot and an african grey that i can spend many years with and they both talk as well

Aug 24, 2010
can parakeets learn to talk
by: Linda

Yes, Linda, they can learn to talk though it will be difficult to understand what they are saying. Budgies can have quite a large vocabulary plus are able to make other sounds as well like songs and other sounds/noises they find interesting. They are VERY sweet and entertaiing little birds, and are the ones I started with when I was a small child. My love for birds grew from there and has been a life-long endeavor to learn more and more about the parrots and how to take better care of them. Read and study and learn all you can about your precious little birds so you can be the best Birdy Mom you can be.

I strongly suggeset you take your Budgies to an Avian Vet for a checkup to make sure they are free of infections. Most birds bought from pet stores are already sick with an infection of some kind, and an Avian Vet is the only one who can diagnose what type of bacteria and prescribe correct medications to get them over it. Do not use any over the counter meds even from pet stores as you have to know what you are treating BEFORE treating it. Make sure they are healthy before any changes in diet are made and before any training takes place as sick birds cannot learn nor are they up to changes in diet.

Diet is a critical factor, and your birds need to be eating organic high quality pellets for their size. I recommend Harrison's as they are Avian Vet endorsed, and I've been feeding my Amazons this pellet for over 17 years, and they are healthy with only trips to Avian Vet for their yearly checkups. You can find several kinds of the organic pellets here by clicking the link called Organic Pellets Mixes to your left.

Below is a link on how to change birds from seeds to pellets, and follow directions closely. Seeds will not give your birds proper nutrition and will cause them to be sick a lot from lack of basic nutrition. Also, feed NO people foods as these are high in fats, sugars and salt all poison for birds. Feed only the organic pellets and some organic fruit and veggies in small amounts 2-3 times a week. Fruit and veggies should not be more than 10-15% of total diet, so feed sparingly.

Switching Birds to Pellets article

The only other thing is to make sure they are sitting on natural branch safe wood perches which can be bought in retail pet stores both online and in person. Make sure you get the correct overall diameter for your bird's feet. The plain, one-size dowels that come with cages will cause the bird's feet and legs to hurt and will cause all kinds of painful problems with feet and legs, so get the correct kind of perches and start them off right.

Thanks for writing,

Aug 24, 2010
Talking Budgies
by: Anonymous

I take it you mean budgies, the small birds commonly sold as parakeets in pet stores. There are many kinds of parakeets, ranging form Indian ringnecks to quakers. All budgies are considered parakeets.
Now, back to you question. Most budgies that live with other budgies bond with the other bird and pretty much have no time for us humans and our silly stuff. I have 4, and one , Waldo, says a few things. HE says "I love you Waldo" "Pretty Waldo" and "HEY" But, there are some budgies that have just amazing vocabularies. Budgies are one of the best talkers out there. Unfortunately they tend to talk so fast we miss a lot of what they say if they do talk. Males do tend to talk better than females. Some will, some won't. Its really up to the bird and how much they are bonded to you and how closely they will pay attention to you.
Just keep talking all the time to them in a calm voice. You might be surprized one day by what you hear back.

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