Can Quakers get fleas??

I don't know but he keeps on itching way to much and I am not sure, but it seems to happen to a lot of animals. Although, I have no idea where he might have gotten it?Help me out please! I'm not even sure if birds can have fleas, but if they can catch it somehow, please let me know immediately. I thank you for your concern.

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Nov 09, 2011
Quaker scratching a lot
by: Tracie

I would think you would see fleas if they were on your bird. Birds do get mites, but usually only birds kept outside get mites. It could be your bird is molting, it could be your bird has an infection or allergy. If you are running your heater, the air could be too dry too.

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine you bird if you determine that your bird is not molting just to be safe.

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