can two female african greys live together

by richie
(cape coral,florida)

We have a female African Grey ,end want to get another female,u think can live together
getting alone maybe?

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Aug 10, 2011
can two female african greys live together
by: Linda

They could later on. Never put a strange bird into another bird's cage because fighting is likely to erupt causing serious injury if not death to one of them.

Get another cage and set it up close to the other one's cage and let them get to know one another for a while before even letting them out of cage at the same time. This means waiting a few weeks before putting them together on a play gym.

When you do allow them out to play together make sure someone is right there watching their every move to make sure neither one of them gets hurt.

Also, the new bird will need to be examined for infections before even coming near your other bird. Pet store birds are all usually either sick with an infection or incubating an infection, so make sure new bird is tested for infections. If bird shows positive for infection, leave it with the avian vet so it can be given its medication which is usually only a week for a bacterial infection that is not really bad yet. Or if you have a family member familiar with birds, bird could also be left there for them to medicate. Person has to know how to give a bird medicine, how to feed it correctly and how to generally handle and care for it. If you have no one like this, then see if vet can board the bird for a little while.

Thanks for writing and good luck!


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