can u tame a adult indian ring neck from a aviery?

by andrea

i have got a indian ring neck parrot that is from an aviery can it be tamed? i have 2 lorrieets another indian ring neck 2 cockatials and a sun conure all happy living in my room free with cages they go back in to sleep. other ring neck wasnt tame when i got her but was young and she is talking and or tho she hates being held will walk on my hand if i stick it in front of her or tho she flys off it.all the other birds are hand reared i got this new ring neck from a petshop for a friend for the other one just that the new one hasnt stoped flying back and forth and i aint sure if i should cut its wings or just leave it to settle in. the last thing i want to do is scare him to death so aint sure what to do now cause i think i made a big mistake on the birds point of view cause i love the other birds i have and i spend every second almsot with them every day. my thoughts were i never forsed the other ring neck to be my friend she came to me the first time because she bonded with my hand reared lorrie i raised from 2 days old. then when we got the sun conure the lorrie booted the ring neck as friend for the conure tiki who follows the lorrie 24/7 if he is out of the lorries sight for even a few mins the lorrie calls him by name and he flys bck to her. the other lorrie is a loner also a hand reared all the birds get along as long as they listern to the lorrie skittles and her side kick the sun conure tiki. add to this mix a cockatoo and this is my bedroom. the new bird has worked out where the food and water is and in between flying back and forth he is stoping to eat apple and bird seed really loved the apple tho more then the seed

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Jul 16, 2011
can u tame a adult indian ring neck from a aviery?
by: Linda

Okay, one thing at a time here. First, unless you have a very large room, you have too many birds. All of their wings need to be clipped by an Avian Vet. If you have not done this a lot, you will hurt your birds and/or lose them to bleeding out.

Second, why did you not take the new bird to Avian Vet BEFORE you brought into a room with all your other birds? Many PET STORE birds are sick with some kind of infection which has to be diagnosed and given meds for it by an Avian Vet. If you have not done this, do so immediately because these infections are highly contageous and will end up making all birds sick, and your vet bill will be very large.

Thirdly, why in the world would you have this many different species together and out of cages? The Indian Ring Necks are aggressive birds and can hurt some of the other species. The Lorikeets are fairly docile birds and may not fight back in time. Every time you add another bird to an already crowded situation, you are risking the lives of the others. When any animal or bird is crowded together with not enough space, they turn on each other. Human animals also do this when overcrowded, and you can look at large inner City dynamics to see this in action with human animals.

I suggest you take new bird to avian vet and make sure he is clean of infection. I also suggest you take all of them to have wings clipped by a professional. It takes two people to clip bird's wings or nails--one to hold and one to clip, so if you have not done either one much, please take birds to an avian vet and have them do it.

I just think you've become carried away a bit with getting birds, and it is not safe for all these different species to be flocking together. It is not natural and unless room is huge and I mean large with high ceilings, you are overcrowding them which results in fighting to the death in time.

Thanks for writing because you really did need someone to make you aware of what you are doing wrong here.


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