Can you take your parrot outside in its cage?

by LaDonna
(Wingo, KY.)

We got 2 parrots about 3 weeks ago. We was wondering if when we go out back on the deck, if we could bring them outside with us to get fresh air?? Or is that not a good idea?

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Aug 07, 2018
Natural Sunlight
by: Jennifer

Thank you for all your helpful comments. I am a new conure owner and I appreciate these forums greatly.

I do think it is crazy for ANYONE to say that birds should not be outside (under the correct conditions)

After all, birds are not meant to be indoors realistically. Saying that sunlight is harmful? How on earth do they survive in the wild??!!

Just my 2 cents worth.
thanks again for sharing your experiences.

Nov 05, 2016
Does my parrot needs fresh air
by: Anonymous

My parrot needs to go out side ,can I put her out side ,she is in a cage?

Editor's note: There is a lot to consider. You need to stay with the parrot so wild birds don't land on the cage and give her mites or disease, and to make sure snakes and critters don't harm or kill the parrot. Don't leave the bird in the sun to overheat, or where it is windy and can get chilled. These are just a few precautions.

May 07, 2012
ref parrot outside in its cage
by: LaDonna

Thank you everyone for your comments. I would never leave them unattended. I just enjoy relaxing in the evening when the sun is going down and its not as hot. I just wanted to bring them outside with me and enjoy the weather. There is no animals that can get to them. Its on a back deck off the ground. They are so much fun and very noisy all day haha. I work with them daily but they still don't really make noises with me yet and don't get on my hand yet, but I'm not giving up!!

Apr 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Full sun light & shade & fresh air all VERY good for your birds. A permanent 'indoor' bird has a much lower immune system than any bird that is outside. This alone makes it riskier to have an easily sick bird. Let your bird go outside & have access to BOTH direct sunshine & shade & water. It is NOT bad for them. It is reckless to think it will harm them. Take the proper precautions & you will discover a very healthy & happy bird in your home. I've heard mixed views on UVB, I don't use it because I don't need it. I allow my birds to have 'real' air & sunlight. There has been no proof it actually does work & there is a lot of info saying it isn't what they say it is. I don't know, I honestly don't care because I don't use or need it myself. My point is if your bird has a chance to get real sunlight directly with you outside then do it! It will not harm your bird. If it's so harmful why on earth do we have healthy happy birds in the wild playing around in the sunshine.

Apr 20, 2012
Can you take your parrot outside in its cage?
by: Linda

Birds DO need natural full spectrum light, and they can get this inside using full spectrum light bulbs. These are NOT the ones found in home repair stores and are either called Vital Lamp or OTT lights. You can buy a 24" bulb to go into a fixture that takes that size of bulb. You want the kind that hang from chain above the bird's cages and you'll need to make sure cords are taped flat to the walls so birds cannot get them. Hang the light fixtures high enough above both cages so if a bird is on top of his cage, he cannot get to the light or chains or cords as this would be dangerous. You can find these full spectrum bulbs and fixtures many places on the internet and in a few pet stores who carry bird/reptile lights.

Direct sunlight is very bad for your birds because it contains harmful radiation and can cause skin cancers plus if birds get too much sun they can have heat stroke and die. I don't recommend taking them any farther than the deck and bringing them back in quickly when you are ready to come in.

The lights are your best bet for giving your birds the benefits of natural sunlight without any harmful rays of the sun. The full spectrum lights provide the full color spectrum without heat and radiation.


Apr 20, 2012
Can you take your parrot outside?
by: Anonymous

Yes, in fact my vet recommends that my birds get 10 minutes of sunshine a day.

You can get bird carriers that are like mini cages with a perch and feeder bowls. You can put that half in the sun, and half in the shade. This gives the bird the option to choose to be in the sun or not while he's outside with you.

Another option I do, Is i have a play stand I made out of pvc pipe and I move it half in the sun and half shade. I wipe it down each day before my bird sits on it to remove dust, and allergens. Cost was less then 10$ to make.

Please never leave your bird unattended outside alone. There's many toxic things they can get into. Especially if you spray bug spray on the ground. NEver let the bird on the ground to run around.

Or you can hold your bird, just make sure it's short intervals in the sun so the bird doesnt get over heated and suffer heat stroke.

Please make sure his wings are clipped if you're having him sit on your hand, or on a playstand out side. You dont want them to fly off. So wing clipping is a must.
Also there are flight harnesses, Most birds have to be trained for a flight harnesses, and some birds will never take to them. Those run about $30 depending on your bird size.

So there's several options for you to optimise your birds outside time, and to help keep him safe.

Good luck!

Apr 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Of course you can take them with you. You can give them full sunshine & if you will be with them you will be able to see how much sunshine they need & when to give them shade. You will also be able to figure out what parts of your back yard have sunlight & shade & work out from there when they should go out, for how long & when they will get shade (on hot days). I live in Australia & my birds LOVE the hot weather!

Your birds should be outside regularly for health reasons! Natural sunlight gives them vitamin D3 (vital for them) so do not be afraid to take them outside in their cages. My birds have outdoor cages which are 1/2 sunlight & 1/2 shade all day. My birds are put outside EVERY day for fresh air & natural sunlight. If you cannot provide healthy outdoors natural sunlight you need UVB lighting which I personally disagree with using :) There is a LOT of controversy over the 'fake' lighting & nothing is really concrete about it. Not only that but nothing is better than natural sunlight :) My outdoor bird cages have retics attached to the tops of them. So when it does get hot I turn the retic on & they have lovely cool showers to cool them down. It also creates the much needed humidity parrots need. You can also do things like put wet towels over the cage to cool it down, place a food & water bowl inside a frozen ice or water bowl to keep the food & water cold for much longer. So...there are a LOT of things you can do to keep 'safe' outside & there is no excuse to not take your bird outside for fresh air. The tem does NOT have to be close to inside. They are an very hardy bird that we have taken for granted as being overly sensitive!! They live in the wild in extreme heats & extreme colds so need to be given the benefit of the doubt as we care for them. Where I live we're in EXTREME heat & humidity in summer & EXTREME winters!! Our birds, & many others in the area do well in our area :)) Don't over 'protect' Allow them to show YOU what they will accept. Most birds grow up to adjust to anything at all if they're given the chance to.

Apr 20, 2012
BIrds in cage outside
by: chaydel

I would also watch what I place the cage(s) on.

Domesticated birds are usually frightened by other birds that are on power lines and fly high in the air. YOUR BIRDS WILL BE NERVOUS. You will have to be near to console them. However, if they show a high interest and whistle to other birds, then they are at ease; however, I would still not leave them unattended. ch

Apr 19, 2012
Taking birds outside in their cage
by: Tracie

If you are going outside with the birds and the birds will not be in full sun, where they can't get in the shade, then it is fine.

The concerns come when they are left unattended. If wild birds land on the cage or drop poop in their cage they can get a disease. If a cat, dog, or other animal comes up to the cage it could injure the bird if left alone.

As long as the temperature is close to the same as indoors and there is not a cold breeze then all is well.

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