Can you train Cockatiels to be quiet?

by Derrick

I don't have a cockateil yet but can you train your cockateils to be quiet?

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May 10, 2009
quiet cockatiels
by: Anonymous

congrats on thinking about adding a bird to your household. however, if peace and quiet is what you are looking for perhaps you should look into getting a different pet like fish or something. Please, please, please do alot of research on becoming a bird owner. They require alot of patience, love, nurturing and attention, among many other things. Birds are not meant to be "quiet".Some will sing, whistle, scream or even "talk", whether it be human language or bird language.They are a true blessing to have and their love is very rewarding but it takes a very responsible and patient person to own a bird. i have seen this over and over where a person will decide on buying a bird, not realizing the responsibilty of becoming a parent to them. they then become overwhelmed with the responsibilty and either let the bird fly out or give it away.
maybe you could try a bird sanctuary or a rescue place in your town.Try looking into fostering one before you make the decision to buy to see if that's what you really want and if it is then Congrats!! you'll know that you made the right decision..

May 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

Anyone out there correct me if I'm wrong, but we have a female and she's pretty quiet. My good friend has a couple of males that whistle all day long (and even at night when the tv is on). Maybe you'll be better off with a female?

May 09, 2009
Sounds they make can be FUN
by: Linda

I used to breed and train cockies and just adore them! They can get loud from time to time, and mostly, they learn to sing and talk. I had babies coming out of handfeeding talking, and what a thrill that was!

As for keeping them quiet, that is not possible. You can cut down on the loud calls by making sure they have food, water and toys to play with. Also be sure and give them some time out of their cages. Make sure the cage is the proper size and bar width for your Cockatiel, and try and get one as large as you can possibly afford possibly with a playtop on top. If you are getting a handfed baby, he/she will already be tame and maybe even talking. If you are getting a wild one, then you'll need further instruction on taming them. There are a couple of great links on this site.

Your bird will need to be on a nutritious diet, and I recommend Harrisons pellets as I've been feeding the large ones to my two Amazons for almost 20 years and have fewer trips to vet with sick birds. Also please take your new bird into an Avian Vet in your area for a general checkup and a few tests to make sure he/she has no infections or other problems. A healthy bird is a happy bird, so a trip to vet at least once a year for a checkup is the best thing you can give your birds besides good food, toys and time with you.

Good luck, and understand your bird is a gift to you, and you will become his/her Guardian for life (25+ years). Having pets is a serious responsibility. Also, read a book or two about your type of bird. Tracie has some really good ones out here, so take a look or go on internet and do a search on Cockatiels.

Best Wishes,

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