canarie bird losing feathers around neck

by Brittany
(Mississauga, Ontario)

I have a canary bird that has been looking pittyful lately his feathers are all roughed up and when he eats or moves his head around I could notice his little neck as if he was losing some feathers in that area.

I took him out of the cage to futher inspect and what I saw freaked me out, his skin was extremely dry around the neck area and when I moved the feathers around his upper back area by the neck between the wings, I'm not sure if it is suppose to look like this however none of my other canaries look like this right now... it looks as if he has a hole on the sides as if he has some sort of infection eating away at him but maybe I've never seen a featerless canarie before and thats just the way there body is shaped and formed I dont know but I need some help ASAP please



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Jul 17, 2015
Bird losing feathers
by: Tracie

A picture would be helpful, if you can do that. No bird should have bald spots, so if your bird has lost feathers to the point that it has bald spots, then you need to take it to an avian vet for diagnosis. There isn't any way to diagnose or prescribe over the Internet.

It is only normal for birds to molt, but new feathers, that are hard and pointy at first, will be coming in where the feathers are falling out.

If it isn't an actual bald spot, then please post a picture so there can be clarification.

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