canary care!!

by ed
(dammam, sharqiya, saudi arabia )

hello, i just got a canary and i clipped his wings!!!! was that wrong... and what should i do.. its already clipped.

one more thing what should i do to make my bird happy and live longer.

P.S. last night i got him a female canary.. any advices!!

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Oct 12, 2011
canary care!!
by: Linda

You are moving way too fast with the birds plus you never, ever clip a softbill's wings as they cannot climb like a parrot. Until your bird's wings grow back out, he will be crippled and unable to fly down to food and water dishes. Put him in a smaller cage where it won't be so difficult to eat and drink. It will be at least 6 months before he molts and grows in new feathers, so please take care of him now. Keep the female in a different cage as she will be likely to try and hurt him since he cannot fly. In the future, please ask an Avian Vet or someone else, like us, BEFORE doing something that turns out to be hurtful for your birds.

The rest you can find by doing a search on the internet about canary care.


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