canary has an odd grey/purple spot above anus

by Barb

i was cleaning my female canaries feathers near her anus because she had a little solid feces stuck there. she's still been able to have bowl movements, the feces weren't stopping anything. it just wasn't sanitary. i believe this was caused by her new food.

But my question is, when i was cleaning her feathers i noticed there was a greyish purple spot directly above her anus. Its about the size of a dime. it didn't appear to cause no pain when i touch it, and it wasn't swollen. She appears to be perfectly healthy aside from the spot. she's eating and drinking. her energy seems fine as well. Is there anything i should be seriously worried about, any reason i should take her to see an avian vet?

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Mar 17, 2011
Odd spot on canary
by: The Avian Vet

I am not sure what that might be. You can see the liver beneath the skin in most birds; that may be what you are seeing. But, you should have her examined to be sure this is not something important. I would be concerned too that the feces stuck to the vent feathers are a sign of a problem. Mention this to the doctor. This is not normal. It could be caused by a change in the diet, but it could also be more serious.

Dr B

Mar 15, 2011
canary has an odd grey/purple spot above anus
by: Linda

There is no kind of canary food I know of that could cause this kind of dietary upset. Most likely she has a bacterial infection and will need to be examined by an avian vet. Go ahead and make appointment, show him the spot you mentioned and go from there. Something is just not right here, and little birds like yours do not last long with any kind of sickness, so move quickly. Tell avian vet what kind of food she is eating too and any other pertinent facts as well.

Thanks for writing and let us know what vet has to say.


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