Canary not laying

by Sean

My canary hen is 2 years she laid last breeding season this year she has not laid and not even built a nest like she does. I wormed and treated her for mites. I know it is not a parrot can you help thank you.

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Jun 26, 2010
Canary not laying eggs
by: The Avian Vet

You should not treat for mites unless you actually see them on your bird. Mites are very rare in captivity and the side effects of treatment can be serious. If your bird is on a seed diet, it may be a nutritional issue that is causing her to not lay eggs. She should have some pellets, like Harrison's, in her diet to provide her with balanced complete nutrition. It may be that she is taking a year off. Or she may be molting; they do not usually lay during molts. There may be a health reason why she is not laying. My recommendation is to take her in to see an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

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