by oiestad
(winnett,mont. usa)

I have 2 question, first I have a 1 year old male canary. I bought 3 weeks ago. of course I was not smart enough to have notice it. But, he has a LARGE growth behind his vent. it looks like it will bust at any has no feathers on looks very thin skinned. is it a rupture?

I called the breeder, who lives 200 miles away. and he acted like he knew nothing about it.I think he did. I live in Montana, the nearest bird vet. is 300 miles. of course I am not saying, that I would not take my birds to a bird vet. my local vet said he had no idea. I paid ask a vet. and they didn't know.

The poor little thing eats and drinks well. He has a large cage and is very active. he does sleep on the bottom of the cage at night. but I know he has to be in pain. its swollen and very large for his size. he still sings almost looks like a large egg under his skin. I just do not know how to help him. the roads are not good right now. and the nearest bird vet is in Bozeman it hopeless?

My second Question is. I have a adopted cockatoo. he is 20 years old. has the worse eating habits he will not eat anything but junk. I have purchased all the correct foods for him, harrisons ect. all he wants to eat is peanut butter or sunflower seeds. French fries just junk. how do I go about correcting this. thank you. Jacqueline

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Jan 02, 2014
Canary with lump
by: Tracie

I wish there were a simple home solution, but I don't know of any for your canary. Without testing there is no way of knowing if it has a disease, an infection or a tumor. I feel for you and the bird.

As far as the Cockatoo goes, you are in charge of the food. I would not ever give your bird fried food, stop the french fries. It takes time and patience to convert birds over to healthy food, but you will end up doing it. :-)

Below are two articles, even though the second one is for parakeets, please read it. This method only provides the healthy food until the afternoon, giving the bird more opportunity to try the healthy food when it is hungriest.

Once you see the bird eating the Harrison's, you KNOW it knows it is food. You know it will not starve if that is all you provide for it. It may scream and cry for other stuff, but it will not starve.

The goal is to get it to try and eat the healthy food, then it is just up to you to NOT provide unhealthy food again.

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