Can't put hands in cage

by Ketki

Hello. I have, 7years old Quaker parrot. when we bought she was talking and playing we had another bird Jardin. they both in one cage, but they get long very good.
after some time Jardin died, so my Quaker is alon. since then she stop talking and playing, we gat another bird Conure, now she gets along very well but she is not talking or playing. I can not hang any toy in her cage, for Conure if I hang some toy she make such a noise and I have to take that toy.
If I take Conure, out, Conure make such a noise and he wants to stay with Quaker.
so what should I do? what should I do so my Quaker start talking again and I can put some toy in her cage.?

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Jun 12, 2015
Bird bonded, and now bite
by: Tracie

Your birds have bonded with each other, and that is good if you are concerned about your bird's happiness. If you are wishing the birds would bond with you instead, then you will have to separate them and YOU spend a bunch of time with them.

There are many thoughts on the toy issue. It could be it doesn't like that kind of toy, it could be cage aggression and it sees the toy as invading it's space, it could be something else. I say, respect the bird, if it doesn't like something, then respect that.

In the wild birds don't play with toys, not all birds like toys. We have one parakeet that plays with toys all day, and the other one just sits there watching.

I make sure I have a variety, some paper shredding toys, rope toys to chew, bell toys, a spinning mirror toy etc. If they do or don't play with them, so be it.

Our conures developed cage aggression, where they didn't allow our hands inside the cage without going nuts and biting us. We would let them climb out of the cage before changing out toys. We used water bottles and food dishes that hung outside the cage, so we didn't bother them every day.

We have some training and nutrition articles on our Parrot Training page if you would like to read more.

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