This is Bridget’s Cape - Un-Cape Parrot, Trixie.

She waited a long time for her Cape - Un-Cape Parrot.

Cape Uncape Parrot

I remember Bridget talking about getting her Cape Un-Cape Parrot, Trixie, for a long time. She could hardly wait for the day. Once she brought Trixie home, she had nothing but praise for her new baby.

The following is just a quick answer to my question to her concerning keeping a Cape - Un-Cape Parrot in an apartment. Hopefully someday Bridget will be able to send us more information about her rare find.

Bridget’s response to the question, “Would you recommend a Cape - Un-Cape for someone living in an apartment?”

As far as an cape - un-cape in an apartment, well, if you have some pretty tolerant neighbors it would not be a problem. They aren't particularly loud over all but can be loud if they want to. My Trixie tends to be very loud when she rings like a cell phone!! lol But other than that I would say no. I have had her since March or so and she still clams up when I catch her "talking".



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