Caquie crying

by Candy
(Lake Wales, FL)

I have a WBC and he is 1 1/2 years old. He has developed a bad habit of doing this annoying crying, like a whine. The only way he stops is to cover his cage up or pick him up. He does it in the morning and the afternoon, not at night. Once he starts, it is non-stop. It is really a pain and he whines loud, too. What can we do to stop this behavior?

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Sep 08, 2011
Caquie crying
by: Linda

You may want to find out why he is doing this crying instead of how to stop it. This type of behavior often means something is wrong like bird is hurting or sick or something is not right in his cage or environment.

Caquie's are usually very docile (though active), sweet birds though it is normal for all parrots to do a bit of vocalizing in the morning and before bed at night or in the afternoon. The crying does not sound like this but does sound like there could be something wrong here.

Have your little bird examined by an Avian Vet in your area, and there are lots of Avian Vets in Florida just like in California. Have him tested for bacterial and viral infection and have basic bloodwork done to see if the organs are functioning correctly and to see if there is infection or toxins showing in the blood.

Once bird is either cleared for illness or other physical issues or is given meds to clear it up, if the behavior persists, then possibly he is not getting either enough food or quality is poor. All parrots need to be eating a high quality pelleted diet with only a few additions of organic fruit and veggies. No people food and all seed diets are very poor nutrition and birds are always in a susceptible state for any infection that comes along.

Let us know what Avian Vet has to say and then, write back with more information as to bird's environment specific to him and the environment in general. I feel something is wrong here, and the work is getting to the bottom of it sooner than later.

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Sep 08, 2011
caique crying
by: Anonymous

It always sounds easier than it actually is to do this, but, you need to train him out of this behavior. Essentially you are rewarding him by picking him up to stop him from this whine. He learns that anytime he wants to be picked up, all he has to do is whine, and you will come get him. It is almost like reverse physcology. In our human minds we are saying "oh my goodness I need to shut him up and he will if I pick him up, problem solved!" in birdie brain he is thinking "woohoo all I have to do to get human attention is to whine so I will until I get what I want!" So, an idea to get him to stop, is to completely ignore this whine. Do not even cover him up, this causes confusion in the birds anyways. At the moment he stops, THEN pick him up and maybe reward him with his favorite treat and praise what a good bird he is. If he starts the whine again, put him back down and turn your back until he stops again. Try to encourage new sounds to get your attention, like if you are in the other room try whistling to him encouraging him to whistle back. Always reward him for what you WANT to hear, rather than reinforcing his bad behavior. Soon he should learn that making this awful whining noise gets him no where, but if he is quiet or playfully makes other calls and noises, then he will get the attention he is craving.

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