Carbon Monoxide Poisioning .....Please Read

by Cindi
(EL Cajon CA)



I wanted to share my story with all the bird owners/lovers in case it can help someone else avoid having a tragedy that happen to me and all my birds.

I just moved into a new house and was using my oven for the 2nd time. I was cooking a big dinner on Christmas eve, so my oven was on for a couple of hours. My parrot of 29 years suddenly flew off his perch, and landed on the floor. I ran over to him and he was breathing really heavy and he could not get up. He could not stand or walk. I rushed him to the emergency hopsital, but he died in the car on the way. When I got home, all of my finches were also dead.

I called the gas & electric company. My oven had high levels of carbon monoxide. An air shutter was completely closed in my oven. I have never even heard of an air shutter before, so I had no idea. I did have a home inspection before I bought the house, but they only check to see if the oven is working.

You can call your local gas & electric company & they will come out & inspect all your appliances including your heater. I am not sure about other cities or states, but in San Diego they will only check for gas problems, so you have to ask them to check for carbon monoxide.

Another thing to know is you should NEVER put any kind of foil or liners on the bottom of your oven, as that can block your oven vents and that will add to the carbon monoxide. You can also get a carbon monoxide alarm. If you move into a new home or apartment, you should have ALL your appliances checked. It is free to have this done.

Owning a bird, you can relate to how devasting it is to loose your pet. What I have learned won't bring back my loving bird I had for 29 great years, but maybe this information will help someone else avoid what happened to me. If I had fallen asleep on the couch, the carbon monoxide could have killed me.

God Bless,

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Dec 29, 2010
Carbon Monoxide Poisioning .....Please Read
by: Linda

Cindi, my heart goes out to you for your losses as I know your heart is broken. You could not have known this was a problem as most of us would not. Gives credence to a carbon monoxide meter in the house though. We don't use our oven much, but it is very old, and we may need to have it checked out. We've not had any problems, but all it takes is one time, and it is then too late.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us because all of us are educated about teflon and other in-home toxins, but most of us would never think about our ovens, and home inspections just don't cover whether oven is venting properly or not.

Your terrible loss and your story about it may save some our our bird's lives, and for that we are all eternally grateful to you.


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