carpet cleaning

by Lisa
(North Carloina)

I need to clean my carpets but my cockateils and conure sometimes get on floor and I need a safe cleaner. Is there any products I can purchase for cleaning my carpets safely?

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Feb 27, 2012
I use
by: Anonymous

I have a bissell carpet shampooer & use natural orange carpet shampoo (it's a bissell product). No matter what you use you need to make sure the birds are out of the area & the carpet is 100% dry before allowing the birds back in. Alternatively you can use a natural product like Earth Choice floor cleaner to spot clean stains. That's wat I use when I don't want to drag out my shampooer.

I don't recommend you use vinegar on carpets unless you do a spot check first as it can cause stains on some carpets.

Feb 27, 2012
Cleaning carpet around birds
by: Tracie

You should still remove the birds from the room, but you can use 1 quart vinegar per 1 gallon of water to clean your carpets. At least this way your carpet will get clean and there won't be any toxic fumes after you are done. The smell does not linger.

Feb 26, 2012
carpet cleaning
by: Linda

No, there are no safe carpet cleaners, and your birds will need to be moved to another location until carpets are completely dry and aired out or you risk losing your birds.

Also, keep birds OFF the carpet before and after it has been cleaned because carpets are dirty whether they've just been cleaned or not. Just cleaned carpets have chemicals in them which are toxic to birds and most cats as well. Regular carpets also have chemicals in them plus people's feet have brought in thusands of bacteria and other possible toxic items.


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